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Black Portable Charger and Plug
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Whether you're headed out on a long flight or just a day trip, a portable charger is a must-pack travel accessory. Barely taking up any precious carry-on space, it will become a lifesaver if your devices start to run low on battery while on the go. After all, there's nothing worse than your phone dying just as you're capturing a beautiful attraction or navigating a new neighborhood.

The Nimble 10-day Fast Portable Charger is a small yet powerful charger that, as its name suggests, allows you to keep your devices fully powered for up to 10 days. In other words, it holds 10 full phone charges. But it's not just for your phone — you can charge up to four devices at once, from laptops to portable gaming systems.

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Black Portable Charger
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: amazon.com, $130

And while many portable chargers do a perfectly adequate job of juicing up devices, this item stands out for its ability to charge them quickly. It features a fast-charge mode, which the brand says can charge an iPhone from zero to 50 percent battery in just 30 minutes, or a Samsung smartphone from zero to 80 percent battery in 35 minutes. And to make organization even easier, the charger includes a magnetic strap that will keep your cables attached to the bottom of the device when not in use.

Another great feature is its eco-friendly design. It's made from plant-based plastics and recycled aluminum. Plus, the packaging is plastic-free, so you can rest assured that the brand is committed to sustainability.

Amazon shoppers are loving the ease and convenience of the Nimble portable charger. "This charger is truly incredible. With the storage capacity and all the devices I have, I never have to worry about anything running low on charge," one reviewer wrote.

Another buyer explained how they use the charger for travel. "The first time I used the 10-day Fast Portable Charger, I was going on a seven-day vacation to Mexico. The entire trip I didn't plug my iPhone Xs or Apple Watch into an outlet. I was able to go the entire time, including the plane trips, charging my devices using the Nimble Portable Charger. And I didn't charge the Portable Charger once! It was super refreshing not to have to worry about where I was getting my power. I am really excited to take it into countries with other outlet plug designs. I won't have to worry about adapters at all!"

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