Most Comfortable Bicycle Seat
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The 11 Most Comfortable Bike Seats, According to Thousands of Customer Reviews

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While bike riding is a great way to get in a workout and take in the sights, there's no denying it can be rough on your body — especially if you're fond of long and strenuous rides. The easiest way to make sure your bike ride is as smooth as possible is to make sure you have a comfortable bike seat. 

All bikes come with a saddle built-in, but if you're finding the seat is not as supportive or comfortable as you need, it might be time to invest in a new one, because nothing can ruin a ride faster than a sore bum. There are tons of bike seats to buy online, with numerous options for different types of bikes and riders alike. Instead of having you search for the right seat through trial and error, we did the leg work for you and turned to customer reviews from seasoned riders to see which ones they think are the most comfortable of the bunch. 

These are the 11 most comfortable bike seats to shop: 

Some options on the list, detailed below, boast handy features like waterproof fixtures or mesh cutouts for added ventilation, while others have been made with plush gel padding that molds to your body for extra comfort. Some even have a supportive, extra-wide design that evenly distributes your weight. 

Whether you're looking for an option for a mountain bike, stationary bike, or road bike, there is a comfortable bike seat on this list for just about every type of bike rider. Keep reading to learn about them all and shop your favorite before your next ride. 

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Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Most Comfortable Overall: Bikeroo Oversized Comfort Bike Seat

Nearly 10,000 bike riders love this Bikeroo bike seat for a number of reasons. Along with an ergonomic design, the popular saddle features ample padding and an oversized shape for added comfort and extra support. Plus, its universal design means it's compatible with all types of bikes including cruisers, mountain bikes, and touristers. "Simply the best seat available on the market," said one shopper. "It's not as big as a traditional beach cruiser seat, and it doesn't make as much noise as other seats do. The cushion and gel are super comfortable. I recently purchased other seats out there, and most are very hard or the springs are loud when compressed. This is the one to get. You won't go wrong."

To buy:, $43 (Originally $60)

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Most Comfortable Affordable Option: Roguoo Bike Seat

This Rogoo bike seat may be the most affordable option on this list, but Amazon shoppers say it's just as comfortable as its more expensive counterparts. It's made from a shock-absorbing memory foam material that riders say is super soft, comfortable, and breathable. The cutout in the middle adds ventilation and provides pressure relief, while the red reflective strip at the back helps riders be seen at night. You can choose between an all-black seat, as well as options with bright green, red, or blue detailing that helps increase visibility. "I went biking yesterday with this new seat for almost an hour and what a huge difference," wrote one reviewer. "It is so much more comfortable compared to the original seat of my bike."

To buy:, from $26

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Most Comfortable Gel Seat: Gincleey Comfortable Exercise Bike Seat

Many riders like gel-cushioned bike seats because the plush gel material molds to their body for maximum comfort. In addition to supportive gel padding, this Gincleey option is also made from an anti-slip material and features two shock-absorbing double springs at the bottom of the seat. Shoppers also loved how easy it was to install. One shopper said "your butt will thank you," before adding "I swapped the stock Schwinn seat with this one because every time I'd ride my bike I'd come home with butt pain. This seat is a lot bigger and a lot more comfortable. Definitely a cruiser type seat but it beats having rear-end pain!"

To buy:, $40

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Most Comfortable Wide Seat: Schwinn Commute Gateway Adult Bike Seat

If you need a wider seat for added support, check out this cruiser saddle from Schwinn. The oversized design distributes your weight evenly throughout the seat, while the suspension coils help provide a smoother ride by absorbing any shocks from bumps or rocks you may ride over — meaning you won't feel it on your bum. It fits on most types of bicycles, and shoppers say it's very durable. One reviewer said it makes "long rides bearable," while another wrote, "Absolutely one of the best seats ever. I've just started riding everyday and for the first time I didn't wake up with a sore bottom."

To buy:, $27

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Most Comfortable Waterproof Option: Giddy Up! Memory Foam Waterproof Bike Seat

If you ride your bike no matter the weather, you might want to invest in a waterproof bike seat like this Giddy Up option that won't get ruined if you get caught in a rainstorm. Thousands of Amazon shoppers have given this seat their seal of approval thanks to its comfortable gel foam padding, shock-absorbing balls, and the LED taillight that makes riders visible even during nighttime rides. "Absolutely love this," wrote one customer. "I have been biking forever but always uncomfortable with every other saddle I used. Love that is waterproof for the times I forget the bike outside, and the reflective band is awesome for the early darker mornings I take a bike ride. Really makes the rides so much more comfortable and enjoyable!"

To buy:, $31 (originally $40)

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Most Comfortable for Mountain Bikes: Tonbux Comfortable Bike Seat

Mountain bikers love this Tonbux bike seat because it has ultra-cushioned padding and a shock-absorbing design that makes it comfortable enough to sit on for hours at a time. The seat has a thin, long nose that won't get in the way of your thighs as you pedal, and it has an airflow vent in the middle of the seat for added breathability. Perhaps the best part, if you don't find it as comfortable as you would like it to be, you can email the brand, and they will refund you no questions asked. "Just started cycling again for the first time in years," said one shopper. "Bought a mountain bike, and this seat was a complete game changer! Worth every penny! My friend bought the same one after she saw mine!" 

To buy:, $20

Most Comfortable for Road Bikes: Wittkop Bike Seat

This unisex Wittkop bike seat is a great option for road bikes because its memory foam cushioning and ergonomic design work together to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. Shoppers say the water-resistant material is soft and durable, while the seat itself is super easy to install and can be attached in just minutes. "I use my road bike daily — either outside or on a trainer indoors," wrote one customer. "Average about 40 miles a ride, so spend a lot of time on the saddle. I've got a pretty bony bottom, so the harder seats just didn't cut it and caused outbreaks of saddle sore. I've logged 80-mile rides on this seat and had no issues. It supports in all the right places and remains the most comfortable seat I've come across." 

To buy:, $35

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Most Comfortable for Stationary Bikes: Bikeroo Large Bike Seat Cushion

While you can technically swap out the seat on most stationary bikes, thousands of riders said they prefer to make their standard seat more comfortable by adding this Bikeroo gel seat cushion. It attaches to the bottom of the bike seat using adjustable toggle strings, so you can customize the fit and make sure it stays in place throughout your ride. "If you are new to Peloton you probably realized how much the seating hurts your butt while riding," said one reviewer. "The best thing you can do for your booty is to purchase this padded seat. This is a well-crafted plush seat that will undoubtedly make your Peloton rides more comfortable."

To buy:, from $12 (originally $39)

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Most Comfortable Option for Ventilation: Selle Royal Respiro Bike Seat

If you find your backside overheats on long rides, you may want to invest in this Selle Royal bike seat. Not only does it have a mesh cutout in the middle to increase ventilation, but the brand says the seat itself is up to 25 degrees Celsius cooler than other standard black saddles. It is also water-resistant and features cushioned gel pads that make the seat ultra-comfortable. One shopper wrote, "It's extremely comfortable and has the perfect support for my casual riding. I have a tricked-out mountain bike that I use to cruise the neighborhood and take to the grocery store and go tailgating. The mesh vent keeps your butt cool, and it's stylish."

To buy:, $50 (originally $60)

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Most Comfortable Option for Men: Bikeroo Bike Seat for Men

While many bike seats are designed to be unisex, this option from Bikeroo has been specially made for men's comfort. The shock-absorbing seat has a narrow silhouette that helps relieve pressure points that are sensitive to men. It fits on most types of bikes, and it is super easy to put on and take off, so you can easily switch it out to use on different bicycles. "Way more comfortable than the seat I had," wrote one customer. "No problems with this seat so far. Easy to put on. Gives soft support in places my other seat didn't. I have had soft seats in the past that didn't support as well and I tended to slide around on them. The surface is firm, but not slippery."

To buy:, $24

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Most Comfortable Option for Women: Planet Bike A.R.S Bike Seat for Women

Similar to the above bike seat, this Planet Bike model has been specially designed for women. The supportive gel pads and cutout center work together to provide anatomic relief, according to the brand. Even better, the cover is water-resistant and abrasion-resistant, so it won't get ruined in the rain or on bumpy rides. "Ok, so I rarely write reviews, but I have to here," said one shopper. "I just finished a 550 mile ride in California [over] seven days. We're talking more than 40 hours in the saddle total. I bought a high-end bike, but the saddle was rock hard. This one is PERFECT. Enough cushion in the tush that I didn't even need butt butter, and the cutout and 'valley' (for lack of a better term) in the very nose of the saddle was extremely helpful in keeping my delicate areas happy." 

To buy:, $45

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