The 12 Best Hotel Pillows That Turn Your Bedroom Into a Luxury Suite

We like the Beckham Hotel Collection Luxury Gel Pillow.

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best hotel pillows
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Whether it's jet lag from traveling, the tiredness from checking off all of the activities on your itinerary, or the fact that you don't have to worry about making the bed in the morning, there's just something about hotels that make us have the best sleep ever. Actually, if we had to pinpoint it, it's definitely because of the pillows. Somehow, they're always the perfect level of firmness and plushness, and they always have a luxurious softness to them that we just want to melt into.

Think about it for a moment. Have you been sleeping on the same flimsy, lackluster pillow for as long as you can remember? If the answer is yes, it may be time to change things up. Even if your favorite pillow isn't a bad one, per se, it's unlikely it stands up to the pillows offered at high-end hotels that have the exceptional ability to sweep you off to dreamland. We've rounded up a few of our favorite luxury pillows that you can buy right now. They'll give you all the hotel vibes — and a better night's sleep, too.

The Best Hotel Pillows

Best Overall: Beckham Hotel Collection Luxury Gel Pillow

Beckham pillow
Courtesy of Amazon

With more than 18,000 five-star reviews and counting, this Amazon best-selling pillow is a hard one to pass up, especially when it's so reasonably priced. Beckham's hotel-worthy pillow is stuffed to perfection with cooling gel-filled fibers and encased in a breathable satin-like cotton cover to ensure each night is the coziest sleep ever — even if you're someone that runs hot. Its plush interior is designed to bounce back after every toss and turn, making it comfortable for side, back, and stomach sleepers alike.

"I have to say I am somewhat of a 'pillow snob,'" one shopper admitted. "They are cool, and in South Florida, that is important, since it's hot as heck most of the time. They are soft, yet firm (What? yes, really!) They provide great support for my neck, which I've had problems with for 20 years."

To buy:, $30 for set of two with coupon

Most Firm: Casper Sleep Pillow

Casper pillow
Courtesy of Amazon

Odds are, you've heard of the Casper Sleep Pillow — and there's a good reason for that. The pillow's innovative design allows for cooling airflow and extra support, while its clump-resistant technology keeps it forever fluffy. Its firmness comes from its microfiber fill and unique pillow-in-pillow design, which is further enhanced by the pillow's neck- and spine-aligning 2-inch gusset. Hot sleepers will enjoy increased airflow thanks to its woven cotton exterior.

"This pillow is one of the best pillows I've ever used," raved an Amazon customer. "It's soft and comfortable, yet also supportive where it matters for all kinds of sleep positions. I personally sleep on my back and sides and I've never slept better. I would say it sits around medium-firm, which is how I personally like it."

To buy: or, from $31

Best Orthopedic: SensorPedic Classic Contour Memory Foam Pillow

SensorPedic pillow
Courtesy of Wayfair

Memory foam tends to be a favorite among light sleepers, and SensorPedic's take on the plush material is a standout. Its contoured silhouette ergonomically supports your head and promotes proper neck and spine alignment. And, its special sensor-foam and iCool technology work together to keep cold air flowing and prevent any trapped heat pockets, so every side is the cool side. Not only are the hypoallergenic pillows ideal for all sleep positions, but for $56, you can snag a set of two.

"Great price, awesome pillow," a Wayfair reviewer wrote. "Following two back surgeries in two years, these pillows were very useful in helping to [relieve] sleeplessness nights. Very comfortable."

To buy: or, from $56 (originally $80) for set of two

Best Down: Matouk 'Valletto' 400-thread Count 3-chamber Pillow

Matouk Valletto pillow
Courtesy of Nordstrom

There's luxury, and then there's Matouk-level luxury. This 400-thread count option is filled with the finest down feathers and encased in ultra-smooth cotton sateen. You won't find a pillow much softer than this — or more reminiscent of your favorite hotel room.

"Best pillows ever," a Nordstrom customer declared. "I can't tell you how many different pillows I have tried: bamboo, memory foam, My Pillow — these are by far the best. I know you are thinking the cost is a little high, but really, isn't a good night's sleep worth it? Take it from an insomniac; these work!"

To buy:, $198

Best for Side Sleepers: Honeydew 'Scrumptious' Side Sleeper Pillow

Honeydew Scrumption side sleeper pillow
Courtesy of Amazon

Being able to comfortably sleep in the position you choose is crucial for a good night's rest. If you're a notorious side sleeper, this pillow from comfort brand Honeydew is sure to hit the spot. It uses cooling copper-infused memory foam and precise curvature for the ultimate comfy sleep every time.

"I think I've tried every pillow under the sun," explained a reviewer, who called themselves a "die-hard" side sleeper. "The first time I slept on this pillow, I tried it out for a nap. I slept so hard, so unexpectedly... I don't think I've slept so well ever! My rotator cuffs don't hurt anymore because my neck is very far off of my shoulder now, so I don't have to lift my arm so high. I am so happy."

To buy:, $100

Best Down Alternative: Cozsinoor Luxury Down Alternative Pillow

Cozsinoor pillow
Courtesy of Amazon

Not only is the pillow affordable and super-soft from its plush-like filling, but thanks to the use of down alternative filling, it's also eco-friendly and won't irritate your allergies. Plus, its sateen cover wicks away moisture and its hollow fiberfill promotes natural airflow within the pillow so you can enjoy a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

"I bought these pillows about 16 months ago for actual sleeping," an Amazon shopper wrote. "They're the perfect support for side and back sleeping, and even with nightly use, have not become smashed down. They're just as fluffy as the day I got them."

To buy:, $27 (originally $60) for set of two with coupon

Best for Neck Pain: Avocado Molded Latex Pillow

best hotel pillows
Courtesy of Avocado Green Mattress

Designed with additional neck support in mind, the Avocado Molded Latex Pillow offers more firmness than its counterparts. It does so with its molded charcoal-infused latex core, which allows the pillow to hold its shape, ensure even neck support, and adapt to your favorite sleep position — whether it be your back, side, or stomach. This advanced material also gives the pillow its cooling properties, as well as its moisture wicking and odor-resistant capabilities.

"At first use, I thought this pillow would be far too soft compared to my past Tempurpedic pillow," one shopper explained. "After a few solid months of use, I am happy with how I feel after a night sleeping on this pillow. I have yet to wake up with a sore neck (knock on wood)."

To buy:, $79 (originally $99)

Best for Stomach Sleepers: Italian Luxury Quilted Pillow

best hotel pillows
Courtesy of Amazon

Looking for a deal? No problem — a hotel-worthy slumber can be yours for just $35 with this impressive option from Italian Luxury. The quilted pillow has molded, no-shift construction that keeps it firm in all the right places and is filled with plush gel fibers for luxurious, temperature-regulating comfort. Its soft-firm design keeps the head, neck, and spine at a comfortable angle for stomach sleepers.

"Perfect for stomach sleepers like me who want a really soft pillow that still has some body," an Amazon customer wrote. Another added, "My neck used to hurt every morning until I bought these."

To buy:, $35 for set of two

Best for Back Sleepers: ​​Saatva Latex Pillow

best hotel pillows
Courtesy of Saatva

Back sleepers, rejoice; the Saatva Latex Pillow cradles your head and supports your neck with its responsive, pressure point-relieving latex core, meaning that it's got your back no matter how hit the hay. The latex core also gives the pillow its hypoallergenic properties, helping it repel dust mites, mildew, and other allergens. It has a lofty plush-like fill that's comprised of 100 percent cotton and a down alternative microdenier fiber. Plus, the cover promotes air flow for hot sleepers and wicks away moisture. Customize your support and firmness levels with its removable inner pillow, which is also filled with down-like microdenier fiber.

"I have to sleep on an elevated bed due to breathing problems," a reviewer began. "The Saatva pillow I ordered was queen sized and it feels quite soft but very high up. I feel I have shoulder as well as neck support. I'm keeping it."

To buy:, $155

Best Hypoallergenic: Parachute Down Alternative Pillow

best hotel pillows
Courtesy of Parachute

Made with a 100 percent hypoallergenic microfiber fill, the Down Alternative Pillow from Parachute caters to those with allergies without sacrificing comfort and loft. It has a cotton exterior that ensures ventilation. Sleepers have their choice of three densities: soft, medium, and firm. According to the brand, soft best suits stomach sleepers because of its sunken plushness and neutral positioning go the neck, medium pairs well with back sleepers, and firm offers the necessary loftiness for side sleepers.

"I was having some neck pain on and off and finally decided to make the investment in some quality pillows," a shopper mentioned. "I have always loved down pillows, but due to my husband and my allergies, we opted for the down alternative in medium firmness. They are so soft but supportive, and my neck is 100 percent better. Awesome pillows!"

To buy:, $59

Best Cooling: Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

best hotel pillows
Courtesy of Brooklyn Bedding

Drifting to sleep isn't an easy feat if you're someone that runs hot. This luxury pillow from Brooklyn Bedding is made with dual-action cooling technology and a breathable core that removes heat from your head and neck. Its cool-to-the-touch circular knit cover and copper-graphite materials also lend ventilation, as well as antimicrobial properties. Additionally, the hypoallergenic pick is filled with open-cell, fast response memory foam that instantly molds to your head and neck to relieve pressure points and offer the necessary cushioning to support your sleep position.

"It does stay cool," one reviewer was happy to report. "I have not had to turn the pillow over looking for the cool side. It is perfect for me being a side sleeper and is very comfortable for me."

To buy:, $129

Best Organic: Birch by Helix Organic Pillow

best hotel pillows
Courtesy of Birch by Helix

Shoppers in search of sustainable bedding will love this pillow for its eco-friendly construction, which achieves its fan-favorite softness and loft with 100 percent organic cotton and wool, as well as natural Talalay latex. In fact, it's this material that is responsible for the shape retention and buoyancy of the pillow, which relaxes your muscles and relieves tension for every type of sleeper. Additionally, it enhances the breathability and hypoallergenic benefits of the pillow, making it safe from molding and accumulating dust mites, mildew, and other allergy-irritating microbes.

"I can't tell you how happy I am with this pillow," a shopper raved. "I do believe I am getting a better [night't] sleep. I have a camera in my bedroom for my dog and prior to purchasing this pillow, I seemed to move a lot during the night. Now, I don't move as much. I just love this pillow."

To buy:, $99

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