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Luny Restore Kit
Credit: Courtesy of Lunya

Air travel can do some weird things to your body, so finding the perfect outfit to wear on a flight is a necessity if you want to make your trip as comfortable as possible. Enter the Lunya Restore Travel Kit, a comprehensive clothing set that's designed to help your body deal with the effects of travel.

I decided to put the kit to the test by wearing the full clothing set on a recent cross-country red-eye flight. As you might imagine, I wanted to get as much sleep as I could on board, so I was hopeful that the combination of comfy, circulation-improving clothes and a padded eye mask would help me out.

Lunya Kit
Credit: Courtesy of Lunya

To buy:, $298

The set includes the Restore Base Tank, Long Sleeve Crew, Pocket Leggings, Sleep Mask, and Socks, all of which come in the brand's mesh laundry bag. Each clothing item is made from Lunya's Restore Pima cotton, which helps increase blood flow and oxygen levels in tissue. This fabric is especially helpful for air travel because your body's blood circulation often lowers from sitting on long flights.

The tank, long sleeve top, and leggings were as cozy as pajamas, and they'll continue to be my go-to loungewear throughout the winter months. I was especially appreciative that the leggings didn't feel too tight or restrictive, allowing me to move around with ease and remain comfortable while seated.

The best part of the set by far is the Restore Sleep Mask. The padded mask is wide, super soft, and very comfortable when worn. It's also noise-muffling, which, paired with noise-canceling earbuds, provided a very quiet setting for the flight that allowed me to sleep (relatively) peacefully.

Lunya Sleep Mask
Credit: Courtesy of Lunya

I didn't quite get a full night's rest on my recent flight, although the Lunya Restore Travel Kit made me feel just about as comfortable as sitting on a plane for hours would allow. Since this set includes a full outfit, sleep mask, and tote bag, it makes the perfect all-encompassing gift for someone who's about to embark on a big trip in the new year.