Lunatec Self-Cleaning Travel Washcloth

Travelers Swear By These Self-Cleaning Washcloths from Amazon

“I bought these for backpacking use, and they're fantastic.”
By Jayla Andrulonis
October 05, 2020
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Packing light is an art form that takes some time to master. So whether you're hitting the road on a good old-fashioned road trip or trying to keep your bag under 50 pounds at the airport check-in, it's never a bad idea to look for a multitasking product that easily earns its spot in your luggage. 

While it may not be the most flashy selection, one item shoppers are saving space for is this two-pack of self-cleaning washcloths. The washcloths have become an Amazon best-seller in the category of camping and hiking towels, but if the reviews are any indication, they're loved by travelers of all sorts. 

Hundreds of shoppers left near-perfect reviews for  travel washcloths. "I bought these for backpacking use, and they're fantastic," one person said. "They weigh nothing and take up about as much space as a chapstick. The self-cleaning aspect is just the loose weave, and nylon material. Nothing can stick to it essentially, so it doesn't hold a lather well either, but that's a trade-off. The plus side is that it dries almost instantly. The little elastic loop on the corner is handy for hanging it out, and for tying around it rolled up for packing. The coarseness is perfect too, lightly exfoliating for good cleaning, but not at all harsh. Since it was a two pack, I gave one to my wife, who immediately fell in love with it. She wants one just to wash her face with every day now."

Wondering how exactly they work their magic? Since the washcloths are made of durable nylon, they're odor-free and dry within minutes — this means you can toss them right into your bag after use without getting your other belongings wet. They're also designed with a slightly rough texture that cleanses and gently exfoliates away the day's adventures while preventing dirt and grime from sticking (this is where the self-cleaning aspect comes into play). And if you're a sucker for a truly multipurpose camping item, the brand notes that the cloths can even double as coffee filters. So, there's that. 

"These are the best washcloths ever! Especially for backpackers and frequent travelers," added another shopper. "I have been around the world with these more than once. I've been to all seven continents carrying these washcloths. They are lightweight, dry absurdly fast, and are nicely abrasive… And you seriously don't understand how fast these dry. You can use them in the bathroom of a train station, attach them to the exterior of your backpack, start walking to your train, and they'll be dry before you board… I seriously can't say enough nice things about these washcloths. I absolutely love them and will continue to carry them on all my travel adventures!" 

You heard it here first, folks: The next time you find yourself packing for an adventure, these 

versatile cloths are one essential you'll want to have on board. Head to Amazon to grab a pack of two for $9

Lunatec Self-Cleaning Travel Washcloth
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $9

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