By Kendall Cornish
February 05, 2020
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Courtesy of Lululemon

Lululemon’s latest drop is a "collection built for busy, modern lives," the label’s Senior Vice President of Design and Concepts, Ben Stubbington, recalls. Its range of unisex pieces were designed to keep up with the pace of travelers’ and city-dwellers’ lives, and, in my experience, definitely fulfill this promise.

As a collaboration with menswear designer Robert Geller, this new Lululemon collection has introduced the "travel suit": an alternative to uncomfortable and easily wrinkled office-wear that is “designed to be comfortably worn while on the go,” Geller remarks. So, even when going from a “plane, train, or bike…directly to that important client meeting or even a spring wedding,” what you’re wearing is the least of your concerns.

Take The Moment Travel Pant and Jacket

Courtesy of Lululemon

To buy: Take The Moment Travel Jacket,, $248; Take The Moment Travel Pant,, $168

When it comes to deciding what to wear while traveling, there are a few ubiquitous desires: comfort, style, and weight/packability. It's often difficult to find clothing that can take you from your airplane to the boardroom, much less accommodate the activity it takes to get from point A to B. Even if you don't find yourself needing to head directly to the office after a flight, looking great plays a huge part in feeling comfortable while traveling.

Geller and Stubbington sought to fulfill this need for clothes "to perform across a multitude of activities." With this, I went ahead and gave the "travel suit" a test.

Courtesy of Lululemon

To buy: Take The Moment Travel Jacket,, $248; Take The Moment Travel Pant,, $168

My wardrobe very much already aligns with Geller’s color palette in the collection, so upon unboxing the pieces my immediate feeling was that it was going to be effortless to come up with outfits that suited my active lifestyle as well as my 9-5. Geller’s signature rich, moody hues of warm grey and ochre compliment the abundance of black, earth, and jewel tones I already wear daily.

Take The Moment Travel Shirt

Courtesy of Lululemon

To buy: Take The Moment Travel Jacket,, $248; Take The Moment Travel Shirt,, $148

Additionally, I was able to walk comfortably — in the New York City winter, I might add — ten blocks to my Pilates studio, take a class, then commute to work where I received countless compliments on my outfit. After work, I met an old colleague for a drink and headed home without any discomfort whatsoever.

Take The Moment 3-in-1 Jacket

Courtesy of Lululemon

To buy: Take The Moment 3-in-1 Jacket,, $598

Since, I’ve worn the Take The Moment 3-in-1 Jacket every day and, despite its lightweight feel, it’s kept me cozy during my commutes. I love the fact that it’s built of several removable pieces, so it works season to season and is totally packable, as is the rest of this inspired collection.

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