Shoppers Are Amazed by How Much They Can Fit Inside This $33 Collapsible Cooler Bag

The surprisingly spacious travel cooler keeps ice cold for up to 18 hours, easily fits in your suitcase, and has been dubbed the “best travel hack” by savvy shoppers for helping them save money on trips.

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Lifewit Collapsible Cooler Bag Insulated 24L
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

Whether you're heading to the beach, camping, or just hanging out at the park, staying hydrated is a must. And if you'll be making a full day out of your outdoor excursion, you'll most likely want to bring along some snacks — and somewhere to store them. Enter: the Lifewit Portable Cooler Bag, an Amazon shopper-loved insulated cooler that's earned nearly 28,000 five-star ratings from satisfied buyers.

The popular cooler bag is made to be the perfect travel buddy with its leakproof, spacious, and portable 24-liter design and 13.8-inch by 11-inch by 11-inch frame. Better yet, it's collapsible for easy transport. It's lined with foam-padded foil to keep your snacks and beverages chilled and protected while you're in transit. The bag's wide-opening zippered top gives you full access to the interior for hassle-free packing. And did we mention that you can fit up to 40 cans inside?

Lifewit Collapsible Cooler Bag Insulated 24L
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $33

On the outside, a durable Oxford cloth material enhances the cooler bag's defense against the elements by giving it a water- and dirt-resistant shell. The Lifewit Portable Cooler Bag's exterior also features two mesh side pockets for easy access to water bottles, as well as a deep zippered front pocket for additional organizational and storage space for smaller essentials, such as utensils and napkins. Or, it can be used to safely store your keys, wallet, and smartphone.

For added comfort, shoppers can choose between the portable cooler's adjustable shoulder strap when you're lugging it alongside other gear or its padded top handles. If you're looking for something a bit smaller, you can opt for the 15-liter model, which happens to be up to 50 percent off right now, bringing its price down to just $20.

In their reviews, Amazon shoppers hail the 24-liter Lifewit Portable Cooler Bag as a "godsend." One customer wrote, "It's so big that I can easily fit four 2-liter bottles of soda in it, fill it with ice, and still be able to close it. It's also leakproof, very lightweight, and easy to clean compared to my old cooler backpack."

Chiming in, another reviewer added that the "handles and shoulder straps make it easier to carry than hard plastic coolers." A third buyer shared that the bag is "sturdy, easy to carry, and holds more food than I thought," highlighting that they were able to fit "enough food for four people to have a picnic."

Lifewit Collapsible Cooler Bag Insulated 24L
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $33

A wanderlust-filled shopper was happy to report that the cooler "exceeded my expectations" during a trip to a national park, noting that their food was "kept reasonably cold all day," even when temperatures hit 109 degrees Fahrenheit. They also dubbed it as "great for travel" because it "collapsed fairly well to fit in checked baggage."

For one traveler who took the cooler on a week-long trip, the Lifewit Portable Cooler Bag "has more than paid for itself" and has proved to be the "best travel hack." They shared, "I packed this cooler in my carry-on along with six days of clothes and toiletries." They added, "We have saved more money [by] keeping a cooler going in the rental car and having breakfast and lunch covered than eating out."

Another savvy shopper pointed out that it helped them save money on water bottles when traveling to Las Vegas: "I bought a case of water at the gas station when we arrived and put it in our room with 12 bottles and ice. [It] kept ice for about 18 hours."

Vouching for its cooling power, a travel enthusiast who brought the cooler bag along on a vacation shared, "It really did keep things cold for many hours (up to 10 hours in intense heat). It was easy to pack in a suitcase. We shoved it in lockers, took it to the beach, and kept it in a hot car. It always did what we needed it to."

Upgrade your summer travel game with the Lifewit Portable Cooler Bag. Get the collapsible insulated cooler at Amazon today and prepare to be amazed with its chilling abilities.

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