This At-home Oil Infuser Has Changed the Way I Cook

It's a kitchen must-have.

Photo: Courtesy of Levo

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As a homebody, even before the pandemic, and a creative, DIYs are my bread and butter. I've tried it all, from building, hanging, and rearranging to painting, sewing, embroidering, brewing, and more. If it can be scaled down and done at home, I've either done it or plan to soon. So, it goes without saying that I'm a big fan of any space-conscious tools that help me create more than I could on my own in my tiny New York City apartment.

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Levo has made oil-infusing at home not only doable, but completely easy. If you're like me and are a definite believer in the power of herbs, from rooibos to oregano, then you already know the power that infusing has in terms of packing the biggest nutritional and flavor punch, whether you're customizing tinctures for wellness or oils for cooking.

The Levo II begins by activating the herbs once placed in the chamber. This way, they're slowly brought to the appropriate temperature for infusion without depleting them of their flavor and value, but instead making the herbs as powerful as they can be for high-potency infusion. The Levo II both activates and infuses, so it's an effortless set-it-and-forget-it system that's perfect for creating new infusions ahead of dinner, cutting down on your time spent mixing, adding, and experimenting with spices come time to cook.

The Levo II comes complete with a Power Pod, which has double the capacity the Levo I did for double the infusion potency, a ceramic-coated reservoir that's dishwasher safe and will dispense every drop of oil, butter, or honey you add to it for infusion, and a silicone stirrer, which minimizes aeration and increases the shelf life of your custom infusions.

Courtesy of Levo

To buy:, $300

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