They're all under $50—and they're super-useful things you'd actually want.

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Updated December 21, 2016
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Fizz aches and anxiety away with a set of six bath bombs that blend natural clay, mineral salts, shea and cocoa butters, and sunflower seed oil. The antioxidant-packed formulas include Energize, Zen, Cozy Night, and Strength.

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Add moisture to dry winter air to breathe easier and get more restful sleep. This humidifier operates for up to 16 continuous hours.

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In addition to delivering the scent of relaxing essential oils, this diffuser cycles through seven glowing colors to help zen you out.

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Cotton pillowcases can pull moisture from skin and hair throughout the night, but sleeping on silk you'll wake up looking fresh and frizz-free. Plus, sleeping on silk may also help slow visible signs of aging.

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This carafe foams milk fast for DIY lattes and other hot drinks. The stainless steel carafe with vacuum insulation means you can heat up enough milk for a few drinks.

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Have a friend who has to set three alarms to get out of bed in the morning? This ultra-loud 113db alarm is a game-changer—not only does it emit ear-piercing siren, it also flashes red lights and shakes the bed.

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A cast iron skillet might be the most versatile kitchen tool you can buy—use it to sear, stir-fry, grill, and bake meats, seafood, veggies and more. A well-seasoned cast iron skillet is practically nonstick so you can cook with very little fat. Another bonus: your food will absorb a little iron from the pan, giving you an iron boost.

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This lightweight, contoured face mask blocks out all light without applying uncomfortable pressure to your face. Perfect for midday naps.

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