By Madeline Diamond
January 04, 2020
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Black Reusable Water Bottle
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

There are plenty of trendy reusable water bottles on the market, but have you ever seen one that purifies water and cleans itself?

The Larq Bottle looks like a typical water bottle — albeit a sleek, stylish one — but there's much more hidden inside that makes it a travel must-have. For starters, it has a unique water-purification and self-cleaning system, so you can be sure you're drinking clean water while avoiding the musty smell and taste that builds up over time in most other bottles.

Black Reusable Water Bottle
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $95

The water-purification system employs UV-C LED technology — the same technology used to sterilize operating rooms in hospitals — to kill over 99 percent of bacteria and viruses. By pressing the button on the cap, the water is purified in 60 seconds. Even if you don't remember to do it manually, the bottle repeats the cycle every two hours, keeping both the container and the water inside clean. You can also double-click the cap to use "adventure mode," a three-minute water-purification cycle that's three times as powerful. So, whether you're filling up your bottle at the office or in the great outdoors, you can ensure you're getting safe, clean water.

Double-wall insulation in the stainless steel bottle keeps beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. Plus, the purification system is operated by a long-lasting battery that stays charged for up to a month and recharges via USB.

Black Reusable Water Bottle and Cap
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Amazon shoppers love the convenience and style of the bottle. "This is the most money I’ve ever spent on a water bottle and I'd do it again. The water bottle's UV-C light concept does an excellent job keeping the inside of the bottle sanitary (doesn’t have that smell accumulating over time). Haven't had to think about buying plastic water bottles since owning the Larq," one reviewer wrote.

Another buyer said the bottle is their new favorite backpacking and camping gadget. "I love that I have a cleaning system and water bottle all in one, no more boiling or bringing multiple parts just to have clean water!"

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