These shirts and socks are must-haves for long travel days.

By Madeline Diamond
October 04, 2019
KOY Gear Tee and Socks
Credit: Courtesy of KOY Gear

When you're traveling, chances are you want your clothing to be as durable as possible. From long flights where you'll be wearing the same clothes for hours on end to the inevitable spills that happen along the way, it can sometimes feel impossible to find an outfit that stays fresh all day long.

KOY Gear is aiming to drastically improve your travel wardrobe. With the brand's current Kickstarter campaign, you'll soon be able to buy the KG Tee and Socks. Both products feature ultra-soft, anti-bacterial material that's both breathable and durable. The company is all about "invisible tech," meaning the apparel includes high-tech features that don't compromise its "simple and thoughtful" aesthetic, according to the brand's introductory video on Kickstarter.

Men's KOY Gear Tee
Credit: Courtesy of Koy Gear

The Tee, for example, is unique for its stain resistant exterior and moisture wicking interior, meaning that you can go as far as spilling an entire cup of coffee on yourself without soiling your shirt while avoiding sweating through it at the same time. It's also treated with silver ionization, which kills odor at the source.

Koy Gear Socks
Credit: Courtesy of KOY Gear

The brand's socks are also high-tech, since they include the same silver ionization treatment that prevents odor. Plus, honeycomb padding in the socks increases both their comfort and breathability.

KOY Gear's Kickstarter campaign ends on Oct. 17, but people are so excited about the launch that the brand has already raised nearly $30,000 in pledges, (that's more than double its initial goal). These two products are part of KOY's latest launch, but you can already purchase the brand's boxer briefs online.

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