By Cailey Rizzo
May 13, 2019
Front door plant Delivery - Knock Knock
Credit: Courtesy of Knock Knock

Why should interiors have all the fun of switching seasons?

A new subscription will make your home’s entryway a welcoming place, no matter the season.

Knock! Knock! sends out two arrangements of flowers specially selected for your house. Users answer questions about their region, the level of sun their front door receives, the style of their home and the type of planters they use. The team will then select a plant arrangement that will “survive and thrive” in the outdoors, no matter the season.

After answering the questions, users have to go out and buy two planters that will house their future arrangements. The night before delivery (there will be warning), they should go home and fill up these planters with some soil.

Upkeep is fairly straightforward, according to the company. The blooms arrive in a tray that is easy to transfer to the planters. And, a la Chia pet, just add water and watch it thrive. They only need to be fed about four weeks after delivery.

Each new seasonal planter will reflect the weather. Autumn plants may feature deep scarlet pansies, spring could come with Fairway Yellow Coleus and Bellis Bellissima Rose blossoms. Summer planters will enliven any entryway with Petunias, Calibrachoa and Verbenas while a winter arrangement may feature sturdy holiday favorites like pine and birch twigs.

The plants are available for $75 for one seasonal arrangement or $65 if you sign up for a subscription.