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By Liz Steelman / Real Simple and Real Simple
Updated January 03, 2017
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  • Pack this pocket scarf with you when you travel this year, and you’ll always be prepared for the weather. Wrap it around your neck or use it as a light blanket if there’s an unexpected dip in temperature. Caught in the rain? Reverse to reveal a rainproof hood.
  • To buy: $10,
Credit: Crate and Barrel


  • This will finally be the year you free the foot of your bed frame from your day-to-day clutter. Make strides towards getting organized by attaching this valet hanger and towel bar to your door hinge. It instantly creates a new (and out of the way) spot for your everyday belongings.
  • To buy: $25,
Credit: Amazon


  • If you already have a substantial 2017 reading list, pick up this clever reading light to ensure you can keep paging through no matter what time of day it is—yes, even if your partner has decided it’s time for lights out. Unlike traditional lights, it sits atop the book and illuminates the whole page instead of shining down in a spotlight.
  • To buy: $17,
Credit: Amazon


  • This organizer stores up to six yarn skeins of yarn, keeping them from tangling with while you work. It even has space for all of your knitting necessities—needles, books, and scissors—too.
  • To buy: $15,
Credit: Amazon


  • These Bluetooth headphones sit outside your ears and vibrate to send sound through your cheekbones—really!—to your inner ear. Since your ears aren’t covered, you can listen to music while running and still hear what’s going on around you. Use them for while working out (they’re sweat and moisture repellant) or at your desk (they prevent sound leakage, too).
  • To buy: $130,
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