By David A. Keeps
August 04, 2015
Isaia store
Credit: Courtesy of Isaia

Isaia—the luxury menswear line based in Naples, Italy, that has suited up the likes of Robert Downey, Jr., Matt Damon, and Matt Bomer—has just opened its first U.S. flagship, in Beverly Hills. (Coming in September: a Madison Avenue store in Manhattan.)

The boutique carries exclusive items from the collection that are not available at department stores and websites, and range in price from $125 (for a light-weight pocket square) to $10,000 for made-to-measure suits infused with jade. “The jade is crushed and engrained into the suit,” says Gianluca Isaia, the third-generation CEO of Isaia. “You’ll see a slight shimmer—without looking like glitter.”

The custom suits will all be handcrafted in Italy with a six- to eight-week delivery date. The boutiques will also have a glass-enclosed, on-site tailoring shop for off-the-rack purchases. “When my grandfather started the company in the 1920s, more than 80 percent of the town were tailors, and there is a true craftsmanship there that remains today,” Isaia says. The defining quality of Neapolitan tailoring, he adds, is “an elegant lightness, soft shoulders and armholes that are cut higher so you can move. You should feel comfortable if you are wearing a suit, but also feel like it is a second skin.”

Each store will feature signature amenities like a vintage Campari bar, a VIP space, chandeliers by the artist Jacopo Foggini, and a red lacquered piano. In fact, the color red is predominant throughout the store design, and is even found on the clothes hangers and in an embroidered branch of coral on jacket lapels. “The Mediterranean red coral is indigenous to the bay of Napoli,” Isaia explains. “In ancient mythology, it is used as a symbol of good luck.”

David A. Keeps is on the Los Angeles beat for Travel + Leisure. The host of Ovation TV's "Art and The City," he writes regularly about travel and design. Follow him on Twitter at @davidkeeps and Instagram at @davidkeepsinsta.