Welcome back to Travel Non-Essentials, where T+L editors Mark Orwoll and Nikki Ekstein sound off on a different breed of travel product—sometimes ingenious, sometimes just plain odd. Today: The Infinity Pillow.
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infinity pillow
Credit: Courtesy of Huzi Design

What It Does: The Infinity Pillow ($39) is a multi-purpose travel pillow in the shape of a Mobius strip. Orwoll and Ekstein check it out to decide if it’s a must-have, or just a nice-to-have.

NE: This is the Infinity Pillow, which is advertised as being for nappers, dreamers, and travelers alike. The branding on this is just cheeky: “One pillow. Endless possibilities.” It’s a little pillow that comes tucked into a travel pouch.

MO: Is it really soft? Could you rest your head on it? [Mark feels the material.] Yeah, I guess you could. Seems comfortable.

NE: It’s a big loop of pillow. You can wrap it twice around your neck, like an infinity scarf. It’s super cozy.

MO: Looks a little odd.

infinity pillow
Credit: Courtesy of Huzi Design

NE: You’re not meant to wear it as a style accessory. It’s more for sleeping on a plane.

MO: Is it specifically made for air travel? Is that how they’re marketing it?

NE: They’re marketing it as a pillow that offers the perfect nap basically anywhere you go. According to the packaging, “home, office, car, plane, train, sofa, bed.”

MO: It gives you a sense of privacy when you wrap it all around your head. It covers your ears and part of your face.

NE: It’s cozy, like a little cocoon.

MO: But is it worth bringing with you? Because as a carry-on, it’s a little big. When it’s stuffed into the storage bag, it’s the size of a small throw pillow.

NE: A little smaller, maybe. Either way, it’s portable enough. I mean, compared to a regular neck pillow that’s just one shape, it’s not much larger than that. But it does transform to fit the needs of the space you’re in, which I think is smart because if you want to use a U-shaped neck pillow to just lean against, it’s not very comfortable. This is more flexible. It lets you stick it where you need to stick it when you’re in an awkward space.

infinity pillow
Credit: Courtesy of Huzi Design

MO: I would keep one of these in a car. I have a car at home and I drive a lot, so I can see how just having one of these around would be great for a passenger to take a nap on. I wouldn’t recommend a driver wrapping it around his or her head, though, because it could obscure part of your vision.

NE: The pouch turns it into a square pillow. which you can use in that way too. It’s actually much more functional than it might appear on the surface. The material is really soft. It comes in multiple colors.

MO: Can you do anything with it beyond using it as a pillow or wrapping it around your neck? [Mark reads the promotional literature.] Oh, I love this! It says you can use it as a “desk pillow.” My boss would really love hearing that. “A noise-cancelling pillow.” As I said, when it goes over your ears it does keep the noise down. Oh, “foot warmer.”

NE: That’s a little weird. I really wouldn’t want my foot warmer to double as an eye mask. That’s not OK.

MO: I think they did a good job overall. It looks nice, It’s well made. Comfy but sturdy. I like it.

NE: I like it too! As far as travel pillows go, this is a really good one.

VERDICT: A must-have.

By Mark OrwollNikki Ekstein and Nikki Ekstein and Mark Orwoll