Four Easy Ways to Make Any Hotel Room Feel More Like Home

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Kimpton Eventi hotel suite
Photo: Courtesy of Kimpton Hotel Eventi

Modern travel doesn't always lend itself to hygge, the in-vogue Danish lifestyle concept generally defined as "coziness and comfortable conviviality." But Kimpton Hotels' New York properties bring the Scandinavian ethos to guests with a just-launched service (starting at $299 per night) that adds aromatherapy and other curated amenities to boost standard rooms' hygge quotient. Esha Singhal, who helps manage the program, shares four simple pleasures you can tote along to cultivate a sense of peace wherever you are.

Calming Scents

Lavender and lemongrass "go a long way," says Singhal. Compact aromatherapy diffusers, such as the Pilgrim Teo help create a personalized setup. When scouting essential oils, look for companies that source unsprayed or (ideally) certified-organic ingredients for their wellness products, or that maintain membership in the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, to ensure high quality.

Portable Diffuser for Essential Oils
Courtesy of Pilgrim Collection

Soft Lighting

An unpleasant glare can squash a good mood surprisingly quickly. "Hygge-friendly lighting is warm and subdued—the opposite of the harsh fluorescent type you might encounter," Singhal says. Since some hotels ban open flames, skip candles in favor of a multifunctional LED lamp such as the Classic Lumio, which folds up to look like a hardcover book.

Lumio book light
Courtesy of Lumio

An Exercise Mat

Sure, sitting around a roaring fire, mulled wine in hand, qualifies as hygge. But holistic pursuits (yoga, meditation) "are a great, healthy way to achieve a state of calm," Singhal says. The Headspace and Buddhify apps (free; Android, iOS) offer guided mindfulness practices, and Lululemon's ultrathin Reversible (Un) Mat occupies minimal space in your carry-on.

Lululemon Unyoga Mat
Courtesy of Lululemon

A Toasty Beverage

"Hygge is about taking pleasure in ordinary moments," Singhal says. For instant comfort, she recommends brewing herbal tea, preferably with ingredients that soothe common travel ailments. Pack chamomile if sleep tends to be elusive away from home, or peppermint from Harney & Sons if you fall prey to an upset stomach on the road.

Peppermint Tea from Harney & Sons
Courtesy of Harney & Sons
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