By Madeline Diamond
January 30, 2020
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Travel Cutlery Set in Red Color
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Whether you're heading out on a day trip or planning a longer outdoor excursion, there are all kinds of accessories that can make your life while traveling easier. For picnics or meals on-the-go, for example, a travel-sized cutlery set (that's reusable and environmentally friendly to boot) takes much of the hassle out of planning meals during travel days.

The Gobites Trio from humangear includes a fork, spoon, serrated knife, and toothpick, all of which neatly nest in a compact carrying case. So whether you throw the case in your everyday lunchbox or bring it with you on an outdoor adventure, you can rest assured knowing that you have everything you need to enjoy a meal at your fingertips (minus the actual food, of course).

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Red Travel Cutlery Set in Case
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, from $12

The set is made from tough nylon, meaning that it doesn't have harmful chemicals and materials (it's BPA-, PC-, and Phthalate-free, to be exact). And while the utensils aren't your typical metal silverware, they're still strong enough to be used however you normally use cutlery. For example, the brand recommends using the serrated knife to cut a piece of chicken and the fork tines to twirl a bite of spaghetti. There are also a few handy extra features, like a toothpick included in the set and a built-in bottle opener on the knife. The cutlery is also easy to clean, since the set is dishwasher safe.

Amazon shoppers love this set, seeing as it has a rare collective five-star rating on the site. "It's hard to beat the durability, convenience, weight, and handy, compact case. They put a lot of thought into this product," one reviewer wrote.

Another shopper specifically praised how this cutlery set has come in handy for business travel. "I bought these because I travel a lot for work and got tired of the waste and lack of durability of take-out silverware. Being able to carry on a plastic knife that's durable enough to slice cleanly through an avocado skin or cut an apple in half, and a have a fork and spoon I actually like to use for when I order GrubHub to my hotel room, has been a serious upgrade."

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