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How to Winterize Your Car for All Weather Conditions

These are must-haves for a winter road trip.
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Whether you live in an area where snow and ice hit hard in the wintertime or you're planning a road trip during the cold weather months, it's important to make sure that your car is ready for winter conditions. There are some simple items you can add to your car, like a snow brush and ice scraper, as well as some larger accessories, such as snow chains and wiper blades, that will help you drive safely and comfortably, no matter what winter weather comes your way.

According to Bridgestone Tire, you should always have your car serviced for the winter, which includes checking the battery, cooling system, and brakes. You'll also want to switch to winter tires and make sure that you maintain tire pressure (which you can do yourself with a tire pressure gauge). And don't forget to pack a safety kit for winter, including a well-stocked first aid kit, as well as a parka and other cold weather clothing essentials.

Keep reading for five items you'll need to winterize your car.

Snow Brush and Ice Scraper

Orange and black snow brush and ice scraper
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

A snow brush and ice scraper are necessities when you're driving in winter weather. This version does double duty, but you can detach each end to use either the brush or scraper independently. Plus, an ergonomic foam handle allows you to get a solid grip on the tool while removing snow and ice.

To buy:, $12

All-weather Wiper Blades

Black wiper blades
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Durable, all-weather wiper blades will make all the difference when you're driving in rainy, snowy, or icy conditions. These blades have a bracketless design, which resists ice and snow build up, making them a solid option for use in the wintertime.

To buy:, $18

First Aid Kit

Red first aid kit
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

A first aid kit is something you'll want to keep in your car year-round, but it's especially important in the wintertime. This compact kit has 120 essential pieces, and it includes everything from tweezers to bandages to disposable gloves.

To buy:, $28 (originally $40)

Snow Chains

Snow tires chains
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

If you'll be driving in snowy and icy conditions, you'll want to make sure you have snow tires, as well as snow chains on hand. This set from Security Chain is a best-seller on Amazon, and they're easy to install, should the weather call for them.

To buy:, $87 (originally $150)

Tire Pressure Gauge

Black and brass tire pressure guage
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Since changes in temperature can cause your tire pressure to change, you'll want to check your pressure often. This simple tire pressure gauge is easy to use, and receives rave reviews on Amazon, making it a solid option to keep in your vehicle.

To buy:, $17

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