How to Turn Your Favorite Travel Memories Into a Photo Book

A photographer shares her top tips.

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If you've been missing travel lately, you've probably found yourself scrolling through your vacation photos at least a few times. And whether you want to commemorate your favorite trip or create a thoughtful and unique Mother's Day gift, there's no better time time to design a personalized photo book.

I asked Travel + Leisure's very own digital photo editor, Mariah Tyler, for her tips on how to create the best travel photo book. From photo sequence to page layout, there are plenty of factors to consider when compiling a book that will make your memories come alive on the page. Keep reading for Tyler's top recommendations for putting together the most magical travel photo book.

Think about the story you want to tell.

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Before you begin designing your photo book, it's helpful to think about your overall theme. Whether you're going for a book full of family photos or one that focuses on scenic landscapes, starting out with a theme will help you select the best images and end with a cohesive look.

Use photo editing tools to make colors pop.

You can use your own photo editing tools or ones within sites like Artifact Uprising, Shutterfly, or Mixbook Photo Co. to adjust contrast, brightness, and other elements to make your images pop on the page. It's also important to make sure you have high-resolution images to avoid pixelation once your photos are printed.

Consider the sequence of your photos.

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Tyler suggests selecting all of your images first and then deciding how to order them — you can even print out thumbnails to help you rearrange the photos until you find the right sequence. Whether you put photos in chronological order or group them by different categories, you have the power to shape the story your images tell.

Stick to one or two images per page.

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Tyler also recommends keeping pages minimal to avoid overcrowding. One or two images per page will help you achieve a more elegant overall look. If you're not sure where to start, most sites offer easy-to-use templates that will make sure your photos are evenly spaced in the layout.

Create thoughtful captions.

In addition to photo placement, you'll want to consider how to incorporate text into your book. Whether you write an introduction at the beginning and let the photos speak for themselves or add captions to each image, your choice of text will impact the story your book tells.

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