By Talia Avakian
Updated: March 14, 2017
Kevin Tachman/Getty Images

As a very frequent traveler, Heidi Klum knows the importance of dependable luggage. And her favorite is the Burton Wheelie Double Deck Travel Bag.

“I've always loved the huge Burton cases...they hold so much,” Klum told Travel + Leisure. “When you travel with four kids like I do, you need the big suitcases.”

Burton boasts the carry-on, which is expandable, will store two-weeks worth of clothes. It also features “SnakeStack,” which allows for attaching multiple bags together.

There's also an ID tag that can be stowed away, a lockable zipper with TSA-approved locks, and a storage pocket that can be accessed both from the interior and exterior.

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If Klum's favorite sounds like something that would help you travel better, the Burton bag is available on Amazon for $264.08.

Courtesy of Burton

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