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Google’s New Nest Audio Speaker Is One Of the Best Smart Home Accessories You Can Buy

This new smart speaker is next level.
By Kendall Cornish
October 27, 2020
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Since moving back to New York City after months of quarantine elsewhere, I've become a professional nester. It's never felt as important as it does now to have a comfortable, easy space to live in because living at home also means working, working out, dining, dancing, and everything else at home.

And when it comes to streamlining my life at home, the Google Nest Audio takes the cake. First, the Nest Audio speakers are 75 percent louder than the original Google Home speaker with an additional 50 percent stronger bass. This means that my nightly post-work Kin Euphorics-fueled solo dance parties are a full 125 percent better than they were before (no, my math probably doesn't check out, but the sentiment runs deep). After months of repeated quarantines, few things have remained as important as family, food, security, and dance parties.

google home nest audio
Credit: Courtesy of Google

Part of nesting for me has also been decorating with furniture, art, and items that I find beautiful and make me happy. Which is why upon unboxing my Nest Audio in the color Sage, I was struck by its modern, robust, and inviting appearance. It stands out among other tech products out there: its curved frame is "inspired by a pillow and its fabric by home textiles." It's clearly designed to fit seamlessly into your artistically and mindfully curated home.

Additionally, "Nest Audio has a dedicated machine learning chip which makes the speed of Google Assistant’s answers and actions even faster," something I noticed immediately upon setup. Responses are natural, extremely quick, and crystal clear. And while it's possible to have your Google Nest's microphone on in case you're as forgetful as I can be and want to be reminded of something that was said earlier, it's easily switched off to ensure your privacy in your home when you're not using the feature.

google nest audio sky blue
Credit: Courtesy of Google

Available in five colors — Chalk, Charcoal, Sand, Sky, and Sage — the Google Nest Audio comes in a hue that suits any home's aesthetic. And since you're going to want one in every room (because same), there's a color for each room or personality in your household.

google nest audio
Credit: Courtesy of Target

To buy:, $100

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