neck bendable reading light

This $20 Wearable Reading Light Is Perfect for Camping and Won't Bother Anyone Around You

 It has nearly 7,000 positive reviews to back it up.
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Now that travel is opening back up, you can take our favorite at-home activities back on the road — like reading. Whether you digest several books a month or simply read to help fall asleep at night, bringing your books back onto red-eye flights or long drives involves a different consciousness of your surroundings. If the idea of shielding your handheld reading light from your sleeping partner or turning on your overhead light next to a sleeping passenger stresses you out, you're not alone, and shoppers say you need to grab this discreet hands-free reading light from Amazon.

The Glocusent LED Reading Light is bendable and flexible, so it can loop right around your neck and point directly at your reading material. With three color temperature modes and three brightness levels, the Glocusent reading light is adjustable to your surroundings in a way overhead lights and mini flashlights are not. The light itself is blue light-filtered, so it won't turn your paperback book into a laptop screen. That said, the non-flickering light is so centralized by way of a 90-degree narrow beam, it may feel like you're looking at something as clear as a screen — just without bothering those around you.

neck bendable reading light
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $20

The light is available in three colors — slate gray, bright blue, and bright pink — so you can grab one of each to have a designated light for camping, traveling, and at-home reading. It's chargeable via a USB Type-C, which is a reversible version of the micro-USBs you already have laying around (which will also work!). Since it's designed to last up to 80 hours on a single charge, you may not even need to worry about recharging your Glocusent light on week-long vacations or weekend camping trips.Over 38,000 Amazon customers have rated the Glocusent LED Reading Light five stars, with some calling it "practically weightless" and "a game-changer for reading." Add it to your cart now so that you can pack it on your next trip.

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