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This Portable Electric Grill Makes Road Trip Cooking a Breeze

...and it's a must-have for RV trips.
By Madeline Diamond
Updated August 26, 2020
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Whether you're a seasoned RV road tripper or someone who's hitting the road for the first time this summer, you probably already know that a road trip is much more enjoyable if your vehicle is stocked with all the right supplies. From heated blankets to durable dishes, there's a long list of items that will make an excursion easier, and luckily for you, we've compiled them into one handy list of RV must-haves. But there's one new item we've just discovered that is a must for people who love to cook and grill while they're RV-ing and camping, and that's the George Foreman 15-serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill.

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Since it's electric, this grill is best for people who have access to electrical outlets, either at a campsite or in an RV. (It might not be the best option for those traveling completely off the grid). But by avoiding gas or charcoal, which power many portable grills, you'll avoid extra messy cleanup, making this a particularly convenient grill that travels easily.

Stainless steel and black portable grill
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To buy:,, from $75

The grill offers 240 square inches of circular grilling surface, which means that you can fit enough food for 15 people at once. The durable nonstick surface is also easy to wipe down after use, and the sloped design allows excess fat to drain away. You can use the grill on a tabletop or use the detachable grill stand, which makes it impressively portable.

And Amazon shoppers agree that this grill is impressively easy to use, clean, and store. "It is lightweight, cooks evenly, and cleans up easily. I love not having to fill a propane tank or [buy] charcoal," one reviewer wrote.

Reviewers also compliment how versatile the grill is, whether you use it on an apartment balcony or RV campsite. "We use this for camping with our trailer. We have used it a few times now and grills very nicely. We usually have electric service where we camp so with the grill we don't have to carry portable propane tanks," another shopper wrote.

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