The 9 Most Comfortable Face Masks of 2023

You really can't beat Maskc's KN95 Face Masks for hours of comfortable wear. 

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Wearing a face mask may not be required on most airlines nowadays, but if you want to stay safe while traveling, it's not a bad practice to continue. We found the most comfortable face masks for long-term wear, which work especially well on flights. While some masks are designed to remain breathable during exercise and others can even act as fashion accessories, these face coverings are specifically designed to be worn on airplanes and remain comfortable from takeoff to touchdown.

When you're looking for a face mask to wear while flying, you'll want to consider a few things:

  • First, make sure you pick a mask with at least two layers to guard you against germs.
  • Next, as far as comfort goes, you'll want a mask made from a material that will remain soft on the skin for hours of wear, like cotton or bamboo, with a stretchy element, like elastane or spandex.
  • Finally, adjustable features, like ear loops and nose wires will also help you find a comfortable fit for wearing for hours on end on longer flights.

Keep reading for some of the best masks to wear while flying:

Best Disposable

Maskc KN95 Face Mask

Maskc KN95 Face Mask


Why We Love It
  • You get a whopping ten masks in this pack.

What to Consider
  • They only come in one color.

If you prefer a disposable mask, a KN95 is a great protective option. This option from Maskc has five layers with bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of greater than or equal to 95 percent, although shoppers emphasize that it's still breathable for both everyday wear and exercising. Each mask has an adjustable nose bridge and soft, stretchy ear loops, so you'll be able to find a comfortable, customizable fit.

Price at time of publish: $39 for pack of 10

The Details: Not adjustable | Nose wire | 5 Layers | Not Reusable

Best Stretchy

Bloch Soft Stretch Reusable Face Mask

Bloch Soft Stretch Reusable Face Mask


Why We Love It
  • They may not cause as many mask-related breakouts as other face masks.

What to Consider
  • They only have two layers of protection.

Bloch, a brand best known for its ballet shoes and apparel, also makes soft, breathable face masks. The mask features two layers of stretchy, odor-resistant fabric made from a blend of polyester and cotton that will remain soft on the skin for all day wear. It also comes with adjustable ear loops to help you find a comfortable fit.

Price at time of publish: $19 for pack of 3

The Details: Adjustable | No nose wire | 2 layers | Reusable

Best Coverage

Baggu Fabric Mask Set Loop

Baggu Fabric Mask Set


Why We Love It
  • The nose guard sits high on the bridge of the nose for added comfort.

What to Consider
  • They're quite thin.

This mask is made from 100 percent cotton, so it will feel soft on the skin, even after hours of wear. It has a double-layer construction, as well as a filter pocket for extra protection. The mask has a tight weave that's designed to block respiratory droplets while remaining breathable. Plus, with extra fabric around the nose and chin, this mask has a tighter seal and more coverage than many others on the market.

Price at time of publish: $32 for pack of 3

The Details: Adjustable | Nose wire | 2 layers | Reusable

Best for Extended Wear

NxSTOP Travleisure Face Mask

NxSTOP Travleisure Face Mask


Why We Love It
  • The bamboo viscose and spandex material is super comfortable.

What to Consider
  • The one-size-fits-all may not fit all adult faces.

This dual-layer face mask was specifically designed to be worn while traveling, as it's made from a breathable blend of bamboo and spandex. A nose wire and soft ear loops allow users to find a comfortable fit, making this an excellent option for periods of extended wear.

Price at time of publish: $14 for one

The Details: Adjustable | Nose wire | Reusable

Best Size Options

Vida Protective Mask

Vida Protective Mask


Why We Love It
  • They come in four different sizes including one made for kids.

What to Consider
  • It only comes with one filter that must be replaced after seven wears.

Vida's 100 percent cotton masks are breathable and soft on the skin. They feature a hidden metal nose wire for a snug fit, as well as adjustable ear loops that don't chafe or tug. There's also a sleeve that allows you to also insert a filter for an extra layer of protection. You can shop these masks in four sizes, including one for kids, so you can be sure to find the right fit.

Price at time of publish: $10 for one

The Details: Adjustable | Nose wire | Reusable

Best With Filter Pocket

Caraa Tailored Velvet Mask

Caraa Tailored Adult Mask


Why We Love It
  • The velvet material and stylish colors make for a fun accessory.

What to Consider
  • These are non-medical grade masks that may not protect as much as others.

Caraa makes a variety of face masks, but the brand's Tailored Adult Masks have the best fit for long term wear. The velvet version of these masks still have a cotton lining and an interior pocket for a disposable filter. You'll also find the adjustable nose wire makes for a secure fit, and the mouth wire creates a comfortable distance between the mask and your lips. Soft elastane ear loops with silicone toggles add a final touch of comfort.

Price at time of publish: $25 for pack of 3

The Details: Adjustable | Nose wire | 3 layers | Reusable

Best With Neck Lanyard

Lo & Sons All Day Comfort Mask

Lo & Sons All Day Comfort Mask

Lo & Sons

Why We Love It
  • They come with a convenient (and detachable) neck lanyard.

What to Consider
  • They should only be hand washed after use.

This face mask from travel brand Lo & Sons has four layers of protection, and it's made from a cotton poly blend that remains breathable for all day wear. It includes cushioned ear loops, a neck lanyard, and an adjustable cushioned nose bridge. It also has one unique feature: pull tabs that allow you to take a sip of water without touching your face or taking the mask off completely. Plus, it comes in four sizes.

Price at time of publish: $20 for one

The Details: Adjustable | Nose wire | 4 layers | Reusable

Best Set

Athleta Everyday Non Medical Masks 5 Pack

Athleta Everyday Non Medical Face Mask


Why We Love It
  • They come in a variety of colors and patterns in a single pack.

What to Consider
  • They don't seal around the face.

Athleta makes several face mask varieties, although its version made for everyday wear comes with three layers of protection, making it a great option for travel. The mask is made from a polyester and spandex blend with a comfortable cotton liner that's soft on the skin. The pleated design fits a variety of face sizes, while adjustable ear loops add comfort and allow users to find a comfortable fit. The masks come in a pack of five, so they're also a great option to bring on a trip.

Price at time of publish: $25 for pack of 5

The Details: Adjustable | Nose wire | 3 layers | Reusable

Best For Glasses Wearers

INEX GEAR The Better Mask

Inex Gear 'The Better Mask'

Inex Gear 

Why We Love It
  • It comes with an embedded nanofiber filter.

What to Consider
  • They're more expensive than other options with similar features and design.

Inex Gear's face mask has three layers — an outer layer made from 100 percent cotton with an antimicrobial treatment, a 100 percent nanofiltration layer that's designed to block airborne contaminants, and a breathable, moisture-wicking polyester inner layer. A moldable nose bridge and chin cup provide a secure fit that will remain in place even during hours of wear, and its scalloped design in the front makes it a good choice for those who wear glasses.

Price at time of publish: $26 for one

The Details: Adjustable | Nose wire | 3 layers | Reusable

Tips for Buying a Face Mask

Make sure you buy masks from reputable sources

Not all face masks come with the same amount of protection. While you may be tempted to prioritize masks with fun patterns, you should make sure those masks are also keeping you as safe as possible. If you're worried about contracting (or giving) Covid-19 or any germs while flying, you should travel with a CDC-approved face mask such as "well-fitting disposable surgical masks and KN95s."

Get the most comfortable fit with adjustable features

When you know you'll be wearing a mask for a long period of time, like a long-distance flight, you should make sure you're both safe and comfortable. For the most comfortable mask that won't cause irritation, you should consider those with adjustable ear straps and nose bridges.

Look for layers

Even though face masks with multiple layers may make you feel like it's harder to breathe, they offer greater protection for you and those around you. Thin, single-layered masks will allow more germs to get through the fabric while multi-layered masks have a higher protection rate.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the difference between N95, KN95, and KF94 masks?

    N95 masks are the standard in United States (used by health care professionals) while KN95 masks are standard in China. Both have a 95% filtration efficacy while the KF94 mask have a slightly less filtration efficacy of 94%.

  • How many times can I wear a KN95 mask?

    You can reuse a KN95 mask up to five wears as long as it isn't soiled or damaged.

  • Are cloth masks acceptable for flying?

    Because face masks are no longer required for flying, you can certainly wear a cloth mask on your next flight. While most reusable masks won't protect you as much as KN95 or N95 masks, they will still block more germs than if you travel without a mask.

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