This Connected Rower Provides a Full-body Workout Without Compromising Style

And it’s designed to feel like playing a game.
By Scott Bay
March 05, 2021
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Since being stuck-at-home, I have been searching for an at-home cardio machine that didn't compromise on style. I was beginning to wonder if that could exist. Then I found Ergatta.

Most exercise equipment, in my opinion, has a tendency to be clunky, a bit sterile, and a bit too futuristic for a home environment. But Ergatta's handsome warm cherry wood design is just the beginning of what this rower offers. This high-tech device completely disrupts the traditional workout experience by offering a variety of competitive games calibrated to challenge your own specific fitness level. Not only that, but Ergatta's full-body workout programs always keep you motivated from start to finish. 

Ergatta's mission is to bring a regular fitness routine within reach for more people by making a product that is irresistibly convenient and stimulating. They achieve this goal by creating competitive, game-like push-programs and interval workouts. Their team of software engineers and designers create extensive data-driven and compelling rowing workouts, which are followable via the 17" Samsung Galaxy S3 screen included with each Ergatta rower. The software actively learns your fitness level and habits to keep you challenged while providing real-time-feedback. Plus, the team releases new updates, programs, and games every two weeks, so no more getting tired of the same routine. A minimum of five new workouts come out each week with a "race of the week" feature each Sunday.

ergatta rower close up
Credit: Courtesy of Ergatta

In the month that I've been testing the Ergatta rower, I have found that I am not only excited to exercise, but that I've learned how to row with proper form and intensity. I have never been more driven to use workout equipment before. The Ergatta games motivate me to keep a consistent schedule while slowly pushing me to better my score against myself and others in a community similar to my fitness level.

I find myself wondering why I didn't snag this rower when I first heard about it early last year. Not only does it seamlessly fit into a small space (like my NYC apartment), but it adds to the overall aesthetic of my decor. Even my design-obsessed fiancé finds that the machine elevates our living room. 

ergatta rower
Credit: Courtesy of Ergatta

The water flywheel is extremely smooth and the quiet sound it makes while you row is reminiscent of ocean wave. Each pull is incredibly easy on joints and back while providing a full-body workout that is sure to rival the cardio of a run. The machine is made for most body types, supporting up to 6' 8" in height and 500 pounds. It's delivered with white-glove service and set up in less than an hour.

ergatta rower
Credit: Courtesy of Ergatta

To buy:; $2199

Ergatta is the perfect way to incorporate fitness into your busy life with ease, style, and a little fun. I have noticed great results in my first month of using the rower, and the gaming element makes me excited to challenge myself and beat the previous day's score. To learn more about the Ergatta rower and for purchasing options, visit their website.

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