The Bars, Restaurants, Fitness Studios, and Other Local Businesses T+L Editors Are Supporting Now

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While we are staying indoors and doing our part to "flatten the curve," the local businesses we once were able to patronize in-person have had to find new ways to bring in revenue. As fanatics of the finer things — from 5-star hotels to Philly cheese steaks — and editors of Travel + Leisure, we are certainly doing the most we can to give back to the local businesses that have fueled our lifestyles in the past.

Whether we're vinyasa-ing along with our favorite yoga studios' digital classes or ordering mojitos to-go from local craft cocktail bars, we've all got our favorite methods of supporting our local economies (as much as we can). Here are some of our favorite local brands that we are ordering delivery from or tuning into online.

Goodtimes Yoga: Brooklyn, NY

Going to Goodtimes, my local yoga studio, is always a highlight of my week. So when I realized I wouldn’t be able to go to a class there (or anywhere) for awhile, I was worried about how I would motivate myself to work out regularly. Fortunately, Goodtimes quickly transitioned from an entirely in-person business to an online fitness studio. (I’m amazed by how seamlessly they did it!) Now I can get their expert instructors, positive vibes, and killer flows all without leaving home. And so can you! They do live classes on Instagram every day, and they’ve also started uploading videos to their YouTube channel. If you do decide to take a class, they’re accepting donations via Venmo (@goodtimes-bk). You can find more info about class times (and membership options, if you love it as much as I do) on their Instagram. — Samantha Lauriello, Associate Social Editor

New Park Tavern: Rutherford, NJ

Hands down the best Jersey pizza ever. And, seeing that I've been in need of comfort food a lot more recently, they deliver via Ubereats. — Deanne Kaczerski, Digital Executive Editor

Jake's: Palm Springs, CA

Under better circumstances, the garden courtyard at Jake's is our go-to family brunch spot in Downtown Palm Springs (dogs and all) — and it's one of the places I can't wait to go back to once we can all be together again. It's such a lively spot with fun cocktails and something on the menu to suit any mood. They're now offering takeout and delivery Tuesday through Saturday, and I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday at home right now than to order lunch from Jake's and recreate the scene as best we can at home (dog included, of course). Note if you're in the area: You have to call for the daily dessert and beverage options, and you're going to want to add both to your order. — Nina Ruggiero, Deputy Digital Editor

The Studio (MDR): Marina del Rey, CA

I only started going to The Studio (MDR) in January — but it made an impression after just the first class. It's a pilates studio that uses the Lagree Method, which was supposedly Meghan Markle's go-to wedding workout, and if you try it you'll see why. The Lagree Method uses reformer-like machines, but The Studio quickly pivoted and launched new total body classes online that I can't wait to try (no reformer needed). Weekly workout meet-ups with my friend Katie are another thing I've been missing lately, but she created and shared an entire spreadsheet of workout studios offering streaming so we can still virtually work out together while keeping our distance. I can't wait to hit the reformer in Marina del Rey with her again in the (hopefully near) future, but I appreciate her for putting this together in the meantime. — Nina Ruggiero, Deputy Digital Editor

Dick & Jane's and Baby Jane's: Brooklyn, NY

In Fort Greene, Brooklyn, there are two gems — sister bars, happy places — that have the most unparalleled positive energy of any drinking establishment I've ever been to: Dick and Jane's and Baby Jane's. They also create some of the most delicious cocktails I've ever had. Huge statements, I know, but not hyperbolic in the slightest. Right now, they're doing take-away cocktails (ordered at the windows of each location) and if you DM them on Instagram, they might even be able to deliver to you. I always tip heavy because the drinks are inexpensive and expertly crafted, the employees have some of the best vibes in the city, and I can't wait to return. — Kendall Cornish, Associate Digital Editor

Storms: Pittsburgh, PA

Storms, a family-owned Italian restaurant that for years served authentic cuisine in downtown Pittsburgh, recently relocated to the suburban town of Whitehall (where I grew up) about 20 minutes south of the city. Since that’s where I’ve decided to ride out my social distancing, and because the restaurant’s fare is simply phenomenal, I’ve been taking serious advantage of Storms’ new location. Let’s just say the trattoria’s farlanese (penne in a creamy red sauce) and sauteed escarole & beans have become my most frequently-enjoyed meals since I’ve been in town. Both dishes, along with the rest of Storms’ stellar menu, are currently available for curbside carry-out and delivery seven days a week. — Hillary Maglin, Assistant Digital Editor

Halls Chophouse: South Carolina

If I could eat one dessert for the rest of my life, it would be the bread pudding from Halls Chophouse. Don't get me wrong — everything I've ever had at Halls has been incredible, but that bread pudding is the only comfort food I'll need to get through the next month or two. Halls Chophouse is a steakhouse with a southern twist, and it has locations in Greenville, Columbia (my home town), Nexton, and Charleston. Each location is offering take-out specials (including some great deals on family dinners), but they vary by location, so be sure to call or check their Facebook page for detalis. Think juicy steaks, shrimp and grits, and more — they're also offering steak boxes so you can make a restaurant-quality steak at home. — Elizabeth Rhodes, Associate Digital Editor

Lagusta's Luscious: New York, NY

I always buy my Easter chocolates – and any-time-I'm-in-the-neighborhood chocolates – from this tiny East Village shop. While I can't pick up my English creme eggs and peanut butter filled bunnies and matzo toffee in person this year, Lagusta and her team are shipping their sweet treats nationwide from their headquarters in New Paltz, NY. My non-seasonal favorites are the turtle bar, peppermint patties, and completely addictive rock scramble (a rocky-road insired snack mix). But, you can't go wrong with anything that's on the [very creative, all-vegan] menu. — Skye Senterfeit, Photo Editor

Bernie's Restaurant: New York, NY

It will be a while before we can return to our favorite restaurants to sit down for a meal, but in the meantime, buying merchandise is a great way to support your favorite spots. I love Bernie’s in Greenpoint and can’t wait to visit again for a burger and fries, but until then, I have my eye on their logo sweatshirts. Madeline Diamond, Associate Digital Editor

Olivetta: West Hollywood, CA

Olivetta, a new coastal Mediterranean restaurant in West Hollywood, was an instant hit with celebrities when it opened this winter. But during the coronavirus outbreak, owners Marissa and Matt Hermer have proven their LA restaurants (they also own The Draycott in Pacific Palisades) are much more than stylish hangout spots for the rich and famous. The Hermers have been donating meals to locals each week, and are encouraging neighbors to donate so they can deliver even more meals as the city's quarantine continues. You can support the effort by donating or ordering a delicious meal for your own family. — Nina Ruggiero, Deputy Digital Editor

Archer & Goat: New York, NY

Archer & Goat, a family-owned, family-run restaurant in Harlem, is my neighborhood go-to – for brunch with parents, after-work drinks with friends, and casual dinners with my husband. The food, a mashup of Latin and South Asian flavors, reflects the owners’ multicultural backgrounds and is lick-your-plate-clean good. I can’t wait to pull up a seat on their outdoor patio, dive into a plate of their lamb arepas, and wash it all down with the Archer cocktail (mezcal, hibiscus, ginger, lime). To tide me over until then, I'll use their delivery and curbside pickup service for snacks, cocktails, beer, and wine. The owners also set up a Go Fund Me to provide support for their staff who is currently out of work. Anyone donating $50 will receive a specialty cocktail; $100 will receive a cocktail kit for one of their signature drinks; and $500 will recieve a three-course dinner for two with a bottle of wine. And who couldn't use a drink right about now? Alisha Prakash, Senior Digital Editor

Books Are Magic: New York, NY

Books Are Magic is my favorite bookstore in New York for many reasons — they have a great selection, the staff is always friendly and helpful, and they offer incredible author events and readings. Even though the store is closed right now, you can still support them by ordering books online and tuning into their social media for virtual events. — Madeline Diamond, Associate Digital Editor

Brackish: New York, NY

My last family trip (which took place in early February) was to Charleston, a favorite of mine for many reasons: the food, the shopping, the history. On this last visit, I fell in love with a local company called Brackish, which makes exquisite, colorful, statement feather bowties for men, as well as gold-plated and feather bracelets for women. Now, Brackish is shifting their production to making masks for medical communities in South Carolina and across the country. And every purchase of a Brackish item helps fund this effort. Jacqueline Gifford, Editor in Chief

Rosa Mexicano: New York, NY

Rosa Mexicano has been a midtown Manhattan neighborhood staple since 1984. Nothing beats dining in, and having delicious margaritas and your guacamole made tableside. For now, since we can't dine in, we have been ordering delivery to help support the restaurant and it's amazing crew--and feed our hungry selves! Jacqueline Gifford, Editor in Chief

Golden Diner: New York, NY

Golden Diner is one of those cool spots that just hits right: a small, spare space (but you can still stroll up and get a table); a short, delicious menu of inventive Asian-inspired takes on comfort food (the katsu chicken club is a crowd pleaser); and it's in my favorite neighborhood of Manhattan (Lower Lower East Side aka Two Bridges). And, during this pandemic, they've shown their true colors by taking lead on some great initiatives to help those in need. They partner with Off Their Plate to deliver meals to healthcare workers at hospitals, while also paying restaurant shift workers for preparing the food. They're also still open for delivery and takeout, if you're local. Or, purchase a Good Hood Deal punchcard, which you can redeem once we're liberated from quarantine. For only $35, you'll get food from five different establishments in Chinatown, a part of the city that will be especially in need of our support after this. — Karen I. Chen, Editorial Producer

Breathe Pilates & Yoga: Chappaqua, NY

When we moved to the suburbs a few years ago, I was nervous because we didn't know anyone in town. But then I started going to Pilates every Saturday morning at our local studio, and I quickly got to know the regulars, the teachers, and the amazing owner, Adina. It's super small and tight-knit, so it could've easily been intimidating, but everyone is so easy-going, and the instructors are great about being attentive and tough while maintaining a really welcoming and supportive environment. Though they've had to close the studio for now, they've started streaming daily classes, including 15-minute freebies that Adina leads. They're such a fantastic afternoon pick-me-up, and Adina always makes me laugh. You can sign up for all their classes via the website, but they also send out updates via email. — Sarah Bruning, Senior Editor

Torchy's Tacos: Austin, TX

Torchy's is a household name in Austin and I intend to keep it that way, one DoorDash (free delivery for us and they've waived fees for businesses) delivery (of 10-15 tacos) at a time. — Kendall Cornish, Associate Digital Editor

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