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Variety of Editors' Picks Items
Courtesy of Retailers as Credited

Here at Travel + Leisure, our editors are frequently, you guessed it, traveling. And we'd like to think we know a thing or two about the best luggage, travel accessories, and clothing (or at least products that make travel a little easier). Each month, we'll be sharing our favorite travel products we've been using recently, from suitcases to skincare. This month, whether you're in dire need of a new weekender bag or on a casual search for jeans that are comfortable enough to wear on an airplane (one of our editors insists her favorite pair is), we have you covered.

Aerosoles Maggie Booties

Black Suede and Leather Booties
Courtesy of Aerosoles

"I've always shied away from wearing boots with any kind of heel for travel because a) in my experience, they have a tendency to set off metal detectors at the airport and b) I live in fear of having to run through the terminal at the last-minute and falling on my face because my shoes were impractical. I gave these booties a shot last fall, and they've become my essential cold-weather travel shoe. The short heel and crisscross accent make them stylish, and the interior cushioning means they're comfortable to wear all day." – Sarah Bruning, Senior Editor

To buy:, $70 (originally $160)

kai Bath and Shower Travel Set

Travel Size Toiletries
Courtesy of Amazon

"While living in Hawaii, I exclusively wore the signature kai scent, which I always bought from the same boutique in Haleiwa. Since discovering that I’m able to get kai from a multitude of my favorite boutiques in New York as well as online, the delicately tropical scent follows me wherever I go. This little toiletry set has everything I need for any trip in one small, cute case, including the signature scent oil (which lasts forever, trust me). I took the set with me to Paris last month and got countless compliments!" – Kendall Cornish, Associate Digital Editor

To buy:, $49

Knomo London Mayfair Nylon Sedley Tote

Black Nylon and Leather Tote
Courtesy of eBags

"I’ve road-tested dozens of bags, but I keep coming back to my Knomo Sedley tote for airplane travel. It’s compact enough to slide tidily under the seat in front of me, but has space for the shocking amount of junk I, a chronic overpacker, carry along — I think it’s made with the same fabric as Mary Poppins’ bag. There’s a zip sleeve so it can slide on top of your rolling luggage. It has wheels and a telescoping handle, which comes in handy if you check a bag or carry a duffel. There are pockets galore, including a laptop sleeve, a zippered section big enough to hold my travel wallet, and two more front pockets that I use for stuff like my laptop cord. In the main part, I usually stash a pouch for cords and chargers, another pouch of assorted in-flight essentials, multiple books, a Kindle, a travel pillow, a giant 40 oz water bottle, a scarf, a sweater or jacket, and whatever other objectively unnecessary junk I have decided I cannot live without on the two hour journey to Chicago. Some will advise overpackers to change their ways, but I say: live your truth! Buy this bag! Smile smugly at your skeptical seatmate as you stow it at your feet! Revel in the knowledge that you are prepared for every possible travel scenario!" – Lila Harron Battis, Senior Editor

To buy:, $349

CKCOCO 4-in-1 Charger Cable

Four-in-one USB Charging Cables
Courtesy of Amazon

"I always bring too much stuff with me, but even so I get irritated if I have to pack, say, several different cords that all have the same basic function (I contain multitudes). These 4-in-1 cords are the answer to my prayers — each has two lightning cables, a micro-USB, and a USB-C connector, so I can just plug the whole thing into the seatback USB port and charge my phone, headphones, external battery, and Kindle all in one fell swoop. They’re five feet long, which has come in handy at hotels with inconveniently situated outlets. I bought multiples so now I have my ideal charging setup at home, work, in my suitcase, and in my beloved Knomo Sedley bag (see the previous slide) at all times." – Lila Harron Battis, Senior Editor

To buy:, $15

Apple iPad 7

Apple iPad 7
Courtesy of Amazon

"The newest iPad is the ultimate travel tool, with a terrific screen, seemingly endless battery life, and tons of space for downloading Netflix shows just in case you wind up on a plane without seat-back entertainment. A full-size keyboard is also clutch in the unfortunate event you've actually got to get some work done on the plane." – Paul Brady, Articles Editor

To buy:, $250 (originally $329)

Dansko 'Professional' Oiled Leather Clog

Black Leather Clog
Courtesy of Nordstrom

"If anyone is telling you that more comfortable shoes exist in this world, well...they're lying. (Sorry colleagues who recommended other shoe brands!) There's a reason these are beloved by chefs, artists, and other people who are walking and standing all day. Danskos are, of course, both quasi-orthopedic-looking and vaguely cool, in an ironic sort of way. But more than that, they will save your feet. I recently donated my old pair—they had a lot of life left, but I had worn the presentability out of them entirely—but I'll be picking up replacements before too long." – Hannah Walhout, Associate Editor

To buy:, from $125

LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt Hand & Body

Skin Salve in Floral Bottle
Courtesy of Amazon

"Not only does this salve take care of any and all dry skin issues — you can use it as a lip balm, an eye cream, a face mask, and a body moisturizer—but it also saves a ton of room in my carry-on or purse. Instead of packing four or five different products for all my skin needs, I just toss this handy little 2-oz bottle of nutrient-rich balm in my bag and voila — dull, flaky skin: gone. And because a little bit of this stuff goes such a long way, one bottle will likely last through trips for months, or even years, to come." – Hillary Maglin, Ecommerce Writer

To buy:, $28

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

Black Faux Leather Leggings
Courtesy of Spanx

"These are my go-to travel day leggings. I've had my pair for about 2 years now, and I've worn them on countless flights, road trips, and train rides. They elevate my standard travel outfit with a cooler, more polished look, thanks to the faux-leather finish. Plus, because they're made by Spanx, they're super flattering (but still way more comfortable than real pants!). My mom and my sister liked them so much that they even bought their own pairs of these leggings!" – Elizabeth Rhodes, Associate Digital Editor

To buy:, from $98

Paravel Packing Cube Trio

Set of Three Dark Green Packing Cubes
Courtesy of Paravel

"When it comes to packing, I am certainly no Marie Kondo — yes, everything sparks joy. A chronic overpacker, I’ve tried every method of loading up my carry-on: folding, rolling, squishing, even painstakingly stuffing shoes with smaller items. But now, thanks to these packing cubes from Paravel, I can feel a little less guilty about squeezing in that extra souvenir or dress I'll buy, but never wear. With three sizes – small, medium, and large – you can arrange and sort your belongings by outfit (socks here, sweaters there) or cleanliness (clean or dirty laundry). The large option holds tops and bottoms, while the medium can stash sweaters, and the small stows underwear and socks. And while all packing cubes are designed to help you stay tidy, I especially love this set for its ability to compress everything, maximizing precious suitcase space. That’s not to say it doesn’t have other impressive attributes on its resume: It’s made from 14 recycled plastic water bottles, and comes with see-through windows – an especially handy feature if you need to quickly spot an item without rummaging through the entire bag. The phrase “divide and conquer” has never sounded sweeter." – Alisha Prakash, Senior Digital Editor

To buy:, $55

Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier

Liquid I.V.

"To combat dehydration on long-haul flights where the atmosphere is notoriously dry, I used to drink a ton of water — which would in turn make me need to use the bathroom constantly (always an aisle-seat flyer). But here's my latest travel hack: electrolyte powder. One of these packets provides the same hydration as drinking 2-3 bottles of water, and while that might seem like just a slick marketing claim, I can attest that it actually works. Since it's a powder, you can bring as many packets as you want through security for the flight there and back. Just bring an empty bottle, ask the flight attendant to fill it up with water, pour the powder in, shake it up, and voilà, instantly feel better on long flights." Karen I. Chen, Editorial Producer

To buy:, $25

Barnes & Noble Nook Glowlight Plus

Nook Glowlight e-Reader
Courtesy of Barnes and Noble

"I switched over to using a Nook for travel reading years ago instead of lugging a pile of books with me and I’ve never looked back. In addition to just letting me load up lots of books on a little, light device, I can’t say enough good things about the Nook’s night mode, which softly illuminates the screen for reading in the dark. It’s much nicer than reading with the overhead light on in a plane or car at night. So many people have been sold on the Nook after testing mine out; it’s impressively light and the “eInk” display is really easy on the eyes, not at all like reading on a tablet or most of your other screens." – Skye Senterfeit, Photo Editor

To buy:, $200

Summersalt The Coziest Cashmere Turtleneck

Grey and Camel Cashmere Turtleneck
Courtesy of Summersalt

"Since Summersalt launched its travelwear last fall, I've become obsessed with a bunch of pieces in the collection. This sweater might just top the list — and I'm normally not a turtleneck person! The fit is snug enough up top to keep my neck warm (always a problem on planes), but breezy enough to ensure the rest of me doesn't overheat. The colorblocking also gives it a sporty-chic feel that makes me feel more pulled together." – Sarah Bruning, Senior Editor

To buy:, $125

Tortuga Setout Divide Backpack

Grey Travel Backpack
Courtesy of Tortuga

"I'm all about backpacks as carry-ons — hands-free airport navigation, equal weight distribution — but they can be a pain to pack and unpack. That's the main reason I love this Tortuga backpack: each compartment unzips all the way around, so you can open it up for a suitcase-like experience and actually see what's in there. I've also come to appreciate the thoughtful details: the main compartment is expandable, there are internal compression straps, and the handy laptop sleeve makes TSA a breeze. It can get me through a long weekend trip on its own, but I also use it as my personal item on longer getaways — especially if I plan on shopping at my destination." – Nina Ruggiero, Deputy Digital Editor

To buy:, $179

Marpac Rohm Portable White Noise Machine

Travel Size White Noise Machine
Courtesy of Amazon

"I’m a very light sleeper, and living in New York, I can’t fall asleep without a white noise machine. I used to get nervous that I wouldn’t be able to sleep without white noise while traveling, but with this mini machine, I don’t have to worry. It barely takes up any room in my suitcase, and it soothes me right to sleep." – Samantha Lauriello, Associate Social Editor

To buy:, $30

Zimmerman Bonita One-piece Swimsuit

Yellow One Piece Swimsuit with Ruffles and Belt
Courtesy of Net-a-Porter

"I am dreaming of beaches nonstop right now — you can thank a cold New York City winter for that. I love one-piece swimsuits because it's easy to throw on a pair of shorts or a cover up and wear them to a restaurant. This beauty from Australian brand Zimmerman has adorable ruffled sleeves and a chic belt: it's a statement piece that would go great with a white skirt or denim shorts." – Jacqueline Gifford, Editor in Chief

To buy:, $295

Stasher Silicone Pouches

Pink Silicone Sandwich Bag
Courtesy of Amazon

"My colleague Sarah Bruning recommended these reusable silicone pouches, which are perfect for kids' snacks, chopped fruit— even collections of shells from the beach. Basically anything you'd put in a Ziploc bag at home. A must for anyone traveling with young children!" – Flora Stubbs, Executive Editor

To buy:, from $10

L.F.Markey Jimbo High-rise Wide-leg Jeans

High Waisted Jeans
Courtesy of Net-a-Porter

"I know, I know. 'Jeans on an AIRPLANE? WHO HAS EVER DONE THAT?' I was like you, once. I thought a long-haul flight necessarily meant looking like a schlub for 12+ hours. But aside from bringing PJs to change into — something I do, regularly, shamelessly — I have another secret to getting around the schlub-factor. L.F.Markey makes some of the most comfortable jeans I've ever worn, with relaxed fits, just a hint of spandex, and, crucially, deeeeeeep pockets. When I land, I can hit the ground running and feeling like I have my proverbial s*** together." – Hannah Walhout, Associate Editor

To buy:, $189

Lo & Sons Catalina Deluxe Weekender Bag

Grey Canvas Weekender Bag
Courtesy of Lo & Sons

"I used this bag on a couple of recent overnight trips and it's by far the most comfortable and convenient weekender bag I've ever tried. The bag has plenty of room for all my essentials but doesn't feel overstuffed when it's all packed. There are also multiple straps so there's no doubt you can find a comfortable way to carry it. My favorite part is the handy bottom pocket that's the perfect place to store shoes separately from the rest of your belongings." – Madeline Diamond, Associate Digital Editor

To buy:, from $143

Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Travel Sheet

White Travel Sheet Set
Courtesy of Ettitude

"A few months ago, I upgraded my bedding and boy, what a difference it has made. Gone are the threadbare sheets and mismatched pillow cases. Now my bed is a chic, pillowy throne, dressed in silky-soft and cooling bamboo linens from Ettitude. I’m so obsessed with my new set that I even miss it when I travel to five-star hotels. Luckily, they’ve just released a travel set that includes a set of pillowcases, an eye mask, and a lavender sachet — all made from the same sumptuous fabric as my bedding. I took the set with me on me on a recent 17-hour travel day to Jordan and it added a luxe touch to an otherwise unpleasant experience!" – Siobhan Reid, Associate Editor

To buy:, $60

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