The Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig makes bar-quality cocktails with the push of a button.

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Black and stainless steel cocktail maker machine
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

Like many of you, I’ve spent most Friday and Saturday nights in lockdown mixing up my own versions of favorite cocktails, but it’s hard to get it just right at home. Sure, having the right tools and a well-stocked bar cart helps, but there’s just something better about a freshly shaken (or stirred) drink made by someone other than yourself. Enter: the Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig, or as I like to call it, my robot drink-making butler. 

If you’ve ever used a coffee pod machine, you’ll find the Drinkworks super easy to use. It’s simple to set up — unwrap everything, rinse the machine, get the water filter ready, install the CO2 cartridge, and follow the directions on the screen and in the information booklet, and then you’re ready to go. The machine actually cools the water to 37 degrees, so you can add a little ice to the reservoir to expedite the process. Next, it’s time to add the pod. 

Pods (sold separately) contain everything you need to make your drink (including the alcohol). There are over 30 kinds of pods currently available, ranging from classic cocktails like Moscow mules, old fashioneds, mojitos, and margaritas to seasonal brews and more, so there’s really something for everyone. Once you select your pod of choice, the Drinksworks machine reads the barcode and then makes the corresponding beverage, mixing cold water and CO2 (if needed) to create the drink. 

The entire process is really simple and easy, and I love that the machine dispenses perfectly chilled drinks (and even carbonates bubbly cocktails) with just a push of a button. It’s a welcome addition to my home bar right now while I’m spending more time at home, but I imagine that it’s even better for entertaining. 

Once we can have parties again, I can’t wait to put the Drinkworks on display and invite my friends and family to make their own drinks with a touch of a button. You can make so many different cocktails (featuring different spirits) without any of the clutter, bottles, or mess, making this the perfect addition to any gathering. 

To buy:, $299.99

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