This Carry-on Backpack Can Hold Up to 2 Weeks' Worth of Essentials — and It's on Sale for $42

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Backpack one off
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The best kind of backpacks offer a little bit of everything: space, convenience, and organization. You'll want a travel backpack that has various compartments and pockets for your essentials (including a spot for your devices if you're traveling with just the one bag) and comfortable, weight-distributing straps to reduce back strain. One backpack that ticks all of these boxes and more is the Dinictis Carry-On Laptop Backpack. Not only is it a top-rated bag on Amazon, but it is also on sale.

The backpack comes in four classic shades — gray, dark gray, blue, and black — and has a capacity of 40 liters. This means that it should hold enough items meant for a multi-day trip (although reviewers say it holds enough for a couple of weeks — and they have the packing list to prove it). While bags of this size are typically meant for backpacking or hiking, utilizing this backpack as a carry-on or personal item could save you a checked bag fee, headache over the airline losing your bag, and also time at the airport, since you won't need to check it at the counter or pick it up at baggage claim. What's more, it can help you from overpacking or be used to transport souvenirs home from vacation, if you're traveling with a large rolling bag.

Even though the backpack appears too bulky to accompany you on the plane, reviewers said it was able to fit in the plane's overhead bin and even tucked underneath their seat. In fact, its dimensions meet the maximum size allowed on international flights at just 19.6 inches by 13.8 inches by 9.8 inches.

Backpack one off
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $43 (originally $50)

While it is a relatively large bag, this backpack is designed to be easy to carry. It has handles — located at the top and sides of the bag — to make it easy to lift into a storage compartment of a train or plane or the trunk of a car, and padded, hidden shoulder straps (which can be hidden) that provide comfort when wearing the bag on long travel days. An additional chest strap relieves pressure on your back by evenly distributing the weight of the pack.

When it comes to durability, the fabric is made from scratch-resistant and water-repellent polyester. The brand claims that this material "strengthens the key points of force," which ultimately helps the bag perform better when you're on the go. The underside of the shoulder straps are mesh, which also enhances breathability — key for summer travel.

One of the many benefits of the backpack is that it makes packing easier and keeps you organized. It includes two front zippered pockets to store valuables and small items you need to be able to access quickly (think: your phone, portable charger, pens, passport, wallet, and face masks), a compartment with two fleece-lined sleeves for a 17-inch laptop and tablet, and a main chamber for clothes, shoes, toiletries, and other necessities. What's more, it has a trolly sleeve at the back, so it can slip over the handle of your suitcase for seamless transportation, if you're traveling with multiple bags.

Backpack one off
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $42 (originally $49)

For overpackers, this bag can fit all of your essentials for weeks without the need for checked luggage. Multiple reviewers compared it to a small suitcase, with one shopper relying on it as their only luggage for a five-day trip across Europe. "The backpack was spacious and durable," they said. "I liked that I could fully open the backpack up just like a suitcase to ensure efficient use of the entire space." Another went on to detail all the items they were able to fit inside each compartment, including a large coat, multiple tops, electronics, cosmetics, and other necessities, for a two-week trip.

The design of the backpack helps with carrying the bag around airports or for outdoor excursions. Even when packed with souvenirs, a customer boasted about how lightweight it felt on their shoulders. "It was comfortable to carry and easy to lift into the overhead compartment," they said. "I was walking through cities with ease and saw other travelers struggling with roller bags. I was so glad I got this." A reviewer chimed in: "This pack was constantly about 20-22 pounds (9-10 kilos) on my trip. I carried it for a full day of sightseeing through London without any issues."

With a bag this large, durability is essential. Customers complimented its quality and design, noting how it was able to withstand the rigors of travel. "The craftsmanship and the materials used for this bag are similar to other bags that are 3-4 times the price," one shopper said. Another reported that the backpack looked "good as new" after four flights and 10 days' worth of travel.

Backpack one off
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $42 (originally $50)

For your travel needs, the Dinictis Carry-on Laptop Backpack will meet all of your expectations and more, standing in as a carry-on for both short trips and longer vacations and doubling as an everyday bag for the office or school. Shop it for just $42 while it's still on sale.

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