danjor linens sheet set amazon prime day deal sale

This Sheet Set Has Over 90,000 Positive Reviews — and They're 50% Off for the Next 2 Hours

When we say act fast, we mean it.
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It's not often you come across anything with over 90,000 positive reviews, so the fact that these stain-resistant bed sheets are that popular and on sale for over 50% off right now is well worth our attention. If you've been in the market for a good, cozy pair of sheets that are machine-washable, fade-resistant, and have a whopping 1,800 thread count, you've found them. Congrats.

The Danjor Linens Bed Sheets are crafted from a moisture-resistant microfiber material that is not only beautifully soft but wears well over time, allows you to stay cool in the summer, and keeps you warm in the winter. This particular six-piece sheet set has everything you need to outfit a bed, be it your own or one in your rental property like one customer did. "Wrinkle-resistant? More like wrinkle-proof," they say of the Danjor Linens Bed Sheets.

"I got tired of wrinkled sheets in my vacation rental property, so I figured I'd try a set of these. They cost 1/3 of what I paid for the 'high quality' sheets I bought that wrinkle like hell. The first time I pulled them out of the dryer and put them on the bed, I was completely stunned. You would have thought I had ironed them they were so smooth and crisp looking." The customer goes on to share the luxe feel of the sheets: "They are ridiculously soft and have a luxurious hotel feel to them. I like them so much, I bought two more sets. I can't imagine using anything else."

Whether you're at home or traveling and have a little extra room for guaranteed luxury and comfort, this Danjor Linens set is makes the perfect year-round bedding. And as an Amazon Prime Day lighting deal, they are over half off in price to boot — but only for the next two hours. Do. Not. Wait.

danjor linens sheet set amazon prime day deal sale
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: amazon.com, $21 for 6-piece set (originally $42)

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