At Costco, warehouse employees receive a rather filling perk around the holidays each year: a free turkey.

Business Insider talked turkey with four Costco employees working in Illinois, Minnesota, Washington, and Canada. They each confirmed the existence of this holiday tradition.

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"Every employee at Costco gets a free turkey for the holidays," an employee from Minnesota told Business Insider. "They can pick them up starting mid-November through Christmas."

The employee from Minnesota added that workers also have the option to donate the freebie turkey to charity.

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The members-only warehouse giant declined to provide a comment for this story, and all of the employees whom Business Insider spoke to were quick to stress that every warehouse handles perks and traditions a bit differently. That is to say, it's very possible that some managers neglect to distribute this festive treat.

One employee from Illinois added that workers at their warehouse "receive a free turkey at Thanksgiving," with the exception of seasonal employees.

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And then, of course, there are regional variations. Canada's Thanksgiving occurs on the third Monday in October, about a month earlier than its counterpart in the United States. One Canadian employee said that workers at their warehouse receive an additional turkey for Christmas.

"It's a running joke that it's our 'Christmas bonus,'" the employee told Business Insider.