This Popular Product Went Viral on TikTok for Making Hair Completely Frizz-free

One Amazon shopper even said they “will not take a trip without it.”

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Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

Anyone who lives in or has traveled to a humid climate knows the toll it can take on your hair. If your strands easily get frizzy, you've probably learned the hard way that most anti-frizz hair products don't actually smooth out your hair as much as they claim. But TikTok users and Amazon shoppers seem to have found their "holy grail" hair spray that actually lives up to the hype in the Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray.

The popular product went viral on TikTok a few days ago when Kim Kardashian's hair stylist Chris Appleton shared a video with his 1.6 million followers showing how to make your hair "waterproof." He says by saturating wet strands from root to tip with the Color Wow product, the spray "literally changes the texture of the hair" to make it super shiny and give a "glass hair" effect (translation: smooth, light-reflective tresses) after it's blow dried.

He then shows just how well the product actually works by putting water droplets on top of the model's dried hair, mimicking humidity in the air. This would "usually make the hair frizzy," but in the video, you can see the water just roll off the model's hair instead of being absorbed and creating havoc. That's because the spray uses heat-activated polymer technology to make strands smoother and healthier-looking and to create a water-repellent 'raincoat' for your locks.

Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $27

The cruelty-free spray works as a mini keratin treatment and should last through three shampoo cycles. Along with being vegan, sulfate-free, and paraben-free, the hair product also doubles as a heat protectant, so your hair won't get damaged when you blow dry. Nearly 25,000 Amazon shoppers are fans of the anti-frizz spray and have given it a perfect rating.

One reviewer called it "miraculous," adding that "after the first use, I already noticed a difference, my hair is softer and doesn't get tangled every day like it used to." Another said they "will not take a trip without it," because it makes their hairstyles last much longer. A third wrote: "This product is the ONLY thing that worked to keep my hair straight and shiny."

The popular product comes in a 6.7 spray bottle and costs $27, which may seem like a lot for a hair spray, but customers say just a little bit of product "goes a long way," so the bottle should last for a while. And seeing as how so many of them say the Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray is a "must-have" for hot and humid locales, it seems like it is definitely worth the price. See what all the hype is about for yourself and shop the top-rated anti-frizz product here.

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