The brand's new generation of mattresses are designed for different types of sleepers.

By Andrea Romano
May 09, 2020
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Casper Mattress
Credit: Courtesy of Casper

You might be surprised by all the ways a quality mattress can benefit your health.

Not only is having the right mattress just good for your sleep, but it can also address lots of issues from aches and pains to just feeling lethargic and unfocused throughout the day.

But the perfect mattress for you can be tough to find, and like many people out there, I was also feeling apprehensive about shelling out thousands of dollars for a mattress. Until I tried one of the newer designs of mattresses from Casper.

While I was debating which mattress to buy, a lot of questions swirled around in my head. I weighed my options not only with Casper but with other online mattress brands like Purple and Nectar. I even debated just buying a new mattress topper for my old Ikea bed and calling it day. I’m glad I didn’t.

After six years of customer feedback, testing, and research, Casper now has a new generation of mattresses that are designed for different types of sleepers. Not only is the original model new and improved, but the brand has also added an extra plushy model (Nova), a supportive hybrid (Wave), and a budget-friendly, scaled-down but still supportive model (Element). For the Original, Wave, and Nova models, you can choose between an all-foam mattress or a hybrid version. The brand also has pillows, bed frames, and bedding.

Since I, like many other mattress seekers out there, am Goldilocks-level picky with how soft or firm my mattress is, I went with a queen-sized Wave Hybrid mattress. Not only was this “supportive” model a thousand times more comfortable than my old, budget mattress, it felt like being cradled by a giant marshmallow — without that sinking feeling you can get with some hybrid and memory foam mattresses.

Casper calls it the Wave because it has three ergonomic zones made with strategically placed gel pods to make sure every part of your body is getting the right support. As someone with lifelong back issues, I was surprised that I wasn’t sore in the morning. If anything, I was positively refreshed.

Casper Mattress
Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress
| Credit: Courtesy of Casper

To buy:, $2,336 for size queen (originally $2,595)

Hot sleepers will also be relieved to know the Wave’s three layers of breathable foam and cooling gel mean you won’t be sweating through the night either.

All this comfort, of course, can be a little bit of a strain on your wallet — but most mattresses (and almost all other products on the site) are currently on sale through May 11. A queen-sized Wave Hybrid costs $2,336 (originally $2,595) and is the most expensive mattress Casper makes. The brand’s plush Nova Hybrid costs $1,995 for a queen, while the original costs $986 (originally $1,095). If you’re really on a budget, Casper’s Element mattress costs a more manageable $595 for a queen-size (but is not on sale).

Casper Mattress
Casper Original Mattress
| Credit: Courtesy of Casper

To buy:, $986 for size queen (originally $1,095)

But Casper has a payment program and 100 nights risk-free, so you don’t have to drop your entire savings just so you can sleep through the night. I know that I’m going to enjoy the Wave for years, and that’s priceless to me.

To check out Casper’s Original mattress and the next generation models, visit the Casper website.