Casper Just Launched a New Cooling Collection for Hot Sleepers — and It's a Game Changer

I'm a hot sleeper, and Casper's new Cooling Collection has seriously improved how I sleep.

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Bed with light pink bedding
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Casper's brand-new Cooling Collection was designed to combat one of the most common issues preventing many people from getting the perfect night's sleep. According to a recent Casper survey, nearly half of Americans get hot or overheat while sleeping, so the popular mattress brand set out to solve this issue with the new Snow Mattresses, Lightweight Duvet, Hyperlite Sheets, and Breathable Mattress Protector.

The Snow Mattress comes in two models — the Wave Hybrid (which offers great support) and the Nova Hybrid (the plushest mattress Casper offers). Both have an impressive array of cooling features that pull heat away from the body for sustained temperature regulation, providing a six degree cooler sleep, according to the brand. The QuickCool Cover makes the mattress cooler to the touch, and Heat Delete Bands remove heat from under your body which helps to prevent overheating for 12+ hours.

Man making a bed
Courtesy of Casper

Warm sleepers can deck their new mattress out in bedding from the Cooling Collection, too. The Hyperlite Sheets are super-breathable tencel sheets woven in a grid meant to allow for better airflow, and the Lightweight Duvet (which comes in down, down alternative, and humidity-fighting versions) is light but still comfy. And finally, the Breathable Mattress Protector shields your mattress without sacrificing all those cooling features the bed offers. All these features sound impressive, but do they really offer the comfort they claim?

As someone who takes her sleep very seriously and is always looking for ways to upgrade those precious eight hours I spend in bed each night, I was beyond excited to test Casper's latest and greatest innovations. Like 48.9 percent of Casper's survey respondents, I too tend to get hot at night, sometimes waking up sweaty and uncomfortable, so I was ready to see if the Cooling Collection would put an end to those too-toasty nights.

White duvet on chair
Courtesy of Casper

And honestly, I can't believe I ever slept on anything else. I love a plush, marshmallow-like mattress, but super-squishy beds can sometimes trap heat. For me, the Nova Hybrid Snow Mattress offers the best of both worlds — luxe softness (that's still supportive) and a cooling design — so I don't wake up hot in the middle of the night. Before trying the ultra-lightweight and airy Hyperlite Sheets, I never realized how unbreathable my old sheets were, and the Lightweight Duvet offers the cozy comfort of a duvet without trapping heat.

Combined, the Cooling Collection's products make me feel like I'm sleeping in a super-comfortable, airy cloud. The collection is perfect for the upcoming warmer summer months (or all year if you live in a permanently warm apartment like I do). I can even use my beloved weighted blanket without feeling too warm (and if you haven't used a weighted blanket yet, it's time to add to cart and enjoy the best sleep of your life).

Queen size bed with navy, white, and pink sheets
Courtesy of Casper

Nova Hybrid Snow Mattress

To buy:, from $1,695

Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress

To buy:, from $2,095

Hyperlite Sheets

To buy:, from $109

Lightweight Duvet

To buy: Lightweight Down Duvet,, from $219; Lightweight Down Alternative Duvet,, from $159; Lightweight Humidity Fighting Duvet,, from $299

Breathable Mattress Protector

To buy:, from $119

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