Shoppers Have Found Their New 'Go-to' Summer Sneakers in This Cloud-like, Nurse-approved Pair

And, they just went on sale

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Bzees Slip-on Shot
Photo: Courtesy of Zappos

When temperatures rise, we're sure that the last thing you want to do is shove your feet into sweaty sneakers. But sometimes, your favorite walking sandals and flip-flops just don't cut it. Instead of packing rigid and poorly ventilated closed-toe shoes for your next trip, travelers recommend upgrading to the Bzees Charlie Slip-on Sneakers instead. Not only are they a favorite for their breathable and lightweight construction, but they happen to be on sale right now.

For a limited time, you can get the popular walking shoes for up to 32 percent off when you shop on Amazon and Zappos. Both sites have varying discounts and offer the stylish sneakers in assorted colorways, with prices starting at just $65. Sizes range from 6 to 11, with wide widths available.

Bzees Slip-on Shot
Courtesy of Zappos

To buy: or, from $65 (originally $95)

Made with stretchy fabric uppers, the Bzees Charlie Slip-on Sneakers promote your foot's natural movement while creating an easy-to-put-on design for wearers. The shoes are equipped with molded EVA foam midsoles that have been strategically filled with air-infused bubbles, translating to a bouncier and ultra-cushioned pep in your step. Wearers also have the option to use the removable Free-Foam insoles, which offer additional arch support.

To ensure that your entire foot is adequately cushioned, the comfortable walking shoes have shock-absorbing gel pads located in the heels to minimize fatigue and pain, which will come in handy on busy travel days, long treks, and whenever your feet are in need of a little rest and relaxation. The Bzees Charlie Slip-on Sneakers' rounded shape gives your toes more room to spread out while also preventing uncomfortable rubbing and blisters.

Over on Amazon, the slip-on shoes have an impressive 4.6-star rating from shoppers. One customer wrote, "I won't buy any other shoes. They are like walking on a cloud." Chiming in, another reviewer said, "Never have I ever been so happy with a shoe! I literally didn't want to take these off… These shoes have truly been an answer to my prayers." A third shopper added, "Everything about the shoes are wonderful, including the fact that I can just step into them and go," and even called them the "most comfortable shoes in the universe."

They've also earned a seal of approval from Amazon customers who spend long periods of time on their feet. One shopper dubbed them "a nurse's dream" for their comfort, arch support, and breathability, while another reviewer noted that "you can walk in these all day without ending the day with sore feet" because the sneakers "hug your feet like a glove." And, plenty of travel-loving reviewers are also singing their praises: "I only wear Bzees for traveling these days. These slip-ons are perfect for TSA, and the style is great for those long concourse walks."

Bzees Slip-on Shot
Courtesy of Zappos

To buy: or, $70

Zappos shoppers are also impressed with the Bzees Charlie Slip-on Sneakers. One buyer said that the shoes are their "go-to pair for summer" and proclaimed, "I've got wide feet, high arches and foot issues. None of those things is a problem with these shoes." Another Zappos reviewer added that the slip-ons are "super comfy right out of the box," and a third shopper wrote, "The arch is definitely superior to other shoes in my wardrobe."

Vouching for their comfort, another Zappos customer said that "they felt great all day" after wearing them to Dollywood. They also mentioned, "It was a hot day. I didn't get blisters and they didn't rub the back of my heel." A shopper who loves to explore added, "The shoe can go from travel [and] sightseeing to an evening casual dinner shoe," and another traveler remarked that the Bzees Charlie Slip-on Sneakers "got me through a day on the steps of Santorini."

Bzees Slip-on Shot
Courtesy of Zappos

To buy: or, from $70

So, what are you waiting for? Now's the time to ditch your uncomfortable shoes for the Bzees Charlie Slip-on Sneakers. Get a pair on Amazon and Zappos for as little as $65 while they're on sale, and be prepared to fall in love with their cloud-like cushioning and support.

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