Life is so much better in a bubble.

Camping, like an outdoor activity, is so much better without having to deal with all the nasty insects trying to eat away at you. All the swiping and swatting you have to do to keep the insects at bay can ruin a good time sitting around the campfire.

The BugPod, a pop up screen that can protect you from mosquitos, bugs and just about any other kind of insect, seeks to solve all your bug-swatting problems.

Not only does it protect you from insects, it also has a fine weave mesh to allow cool breezes through and a waterproof roof to keep you dry in case the weather turns rainy, or just to keep you out of the sun.

The tent only weighs about 1.8 lbs and easily folds up into a 19 inch carrier bag. When fully unfolded, it measures 33 inches x 33 inches x 52.5 inches, so it can fit over most camping chairs. Getting in and out of the pod is also easy, through the zipper enclosure.

Of course, life in a bubble also means roasting marshmallows will be a little difficult.

The BugPod is available for purchase for $69, but is currently available at a discounted price of $49. More information can be found on the Anthem Sports website.