Brita Premium Filtering Bottle, 36 oz
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

This Brita Water Bottle Has Over 21,000 Five-star Ratings on Amazon — and It's a Must-have for Traveling

Reduce plastic and save money on the go.
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Reusable water bottles are a great way to reduce plastic waste and save money. But some bottles leak when they're in your bag, and it can be difficult to fill them up if you aren't around a safe water source. This is especially true for people who are on hikes, camping trips, or traveling abroad. One item Amazon shoppers carry around to keep their water clean is the Brita Premium Filtering Water Bottle, which costs less than $25. In fact, it's so popular with customers, it's racked up over 21,000 five-star ratings.

The water bottle has a carbon filter that is located inside the straw, so unwanted contaminants like chlorine get removed as you drink, keeping your water safe and even helping it taste better. "I bought this for traveling as water taste varies everywhere," one reviewer wrote. "At the Atlanta airport, my boyfriend complained about how terrible the water tasted. I filled my water bottle from the water fountain and then took a drink, and it tasted great thanks to the filter!" The filter lasts a long time before needing to be replaced, too — it can go through 40 gallons of water, which can take approximately two months, before a new one needs to be installed. 

Brita Premium Filtering Bottle, 36 oz
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

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The straw is protected by a locking lid when it's not being used. "After two plus weeks of traveling with this in a backpack that's been slung around on planes and cars, I didn't have a single leak," one shopper said. To unlock it, simply push the button that's located on the lid. 

Unlike other water bottles that have twist-off caps, the Brita bottle's push button can be touched with one hand, which is particularly useful when people are busy walking around town, running errands, or doing physical activities. One reviewer said that they experienced leaks when they were on airplanes because of the change in air pressure, but they found that unscrewing the lid before and screwing it back on reduced the chances of spilling.

The water bottle comes in 26 or 36 ounce options and is available in five fun translucent colors: sapphire, night sky, orchid, sea glass, and blush. Both sizes fit into car-sized cup holders and are "small enough to fit into a hiking pack but big enough to have a decent amount of water." There's also a sturdy handle on top, making it easy to attach the water bottle to a carabiner, or grab it from your bag without accidentally loosening the lid. Best of all, both the bottle and lid are dishwasher safe.

Whether you're trying to reduce your plastic consumption, going on adventures, or simply wanting to drink more water, the Brita Premium Filtering Water Bottle will help you stay hydrated no matter where you go.