From fantasy to historical fiction, there's something for every young reader.

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Four children's books
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From virtual concerts and music lessons to stunning tours of National Parks you can take right from your couch, we've had to get creative lately when it comes to entertaining ourselves (and our families) while we're stuck at home. If your kids are itching for a new adventure, this list of exciting and transportive books might do just the trick for the time being.

We've rounded up 10 books that young readers will love, from a supernatural tale of twin sisters who develop telepathic powers to a story of a young boy and his grandmother bonding over a cross-country road trip. Whether your child loves to escape to an entirely different galaxy through books or prefers to dive into real-world history while reading, we have something in this list for them.

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Keep reading for 10 young adult and children's books that your kids and teens will love.

1. "The Life Below" by Alexandra Monir

In this new sequel, Alexandra Monir continues the tale of the Final Six — a competition that will send six teens on a mission to Jupiter’s moon, Europa. Naomi was one of the lucky ones chosen to go to Jupiter’s moon but she’s having a hard time leaving her fellow contestant, Leo, on Earth and doesn’t know who she can trust. Unaware of whether or not there’s extraterrestrial life on Europa, Naomi finds her questions about the mission are being dodged at every turn. Meanwhile back on Earth, Leo has learned that there is extraterrestrial life on Europa and he must get to Naomi in space to warn her or risk losing her forever.

To buy:, $15

2. "The Goddess Twins" by Yodassa Williams

The Goddess Twins book
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Identical twins Aurora and Arden have finally found some semblance of normalcy in their lives when, just before turning 18, they find themselves developing new telekinesis and telepathy powers. It’s around this same time that their mother, currently touring in London, goes missing. Now determined to find out what happened to their mother, the girls begin to track her down only to find that unknown forces are trying their hardest to break their sisterly bond. If they want to save their mom and be together as a family once again, the sisters must learn to trust each other as they expose a century-old family mystery and uncover the truth about who they really are. Release date: May 19, 2020

To pre-order:, $17

3. "Clap When You Land" by Elizabeth Acevedo

Clap When You Land book
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Camino Rios always looks forward to seeing her father when he comes to visit her in the Dominican Republic each summer. But this summer is different as the day he’s supposed to land, a tragic event occurs. Meanwhile, in New York City, Yahaira Rios has just been told that her father, a man she idolized, has died in a plane crash. With each girl mourning the loss of their shared father, they find it hard to go on with life without him. But all of that changes when they learn about one another and are able to connect over the bond they shared with their beloved father. It’s together that the two are able to find peace and get through the heartbreaking loss.

To buy:, $19

4. "Stitching a Life" by Mary Helen Fein

Stitching a Life book
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Sixteen-year-old Helen has just traveled alone from Lithuania to New York City in 1900. Having traveled across the Atlantic alone to begin a new life, she finds a new home on the Lower East Side and starts a new job in the garment industry. Determined to get her entire family to safety in New York, she saves up her money to begin moving them over. As she reconnects with her loved ones, she finds herself forming new friendships and eventually, she falls for a man who shows her an entirely new side to New York that she’s never known before. If you’re looking for a YA read that’s rooted in history, you’ll love Mary Helen Fein's "Stitching a Life." Release date: June 9, 2020

To pre-order:, $17

5. "Saltwater Secrets" by Cindy Callaghan

Saltwater Secrets book
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Half-sisters Stella and Josie live on opposites sides of the globe but every summer, the two get together to vacation with their dad at their favorite beach. Most importantly, the girls have a secret spot under the boardwalk where they hide their sister scrapbook, adding new memories to it each summer. But this summer is different as Josie has become someone Stella can’t stand: a popular girl. Despite this new rift between them, they still visit their secret spot and are soon shocked to find that the newest business at the beach is endangering both the marine life and the people on the beach. The two will have to figure out how to keep the smoothie shop from destroying the beach and their spot under the boardwalk.

To buy:, $19

6. "When You Trap a Tiger" by Tae Keller

Lily and her family have just moved in with her sick grandmother when Lily is visited by a magical tiger. Claiming that her grandmother stole something from them years ago, the magical tiger offers her a deal: give back the item her grandmother stole and they’ll restore her health. Although the deal sounds promising, Lily knows that deals with tigers are never what they seem. Now Lily must team up with her sister and her friend Ricky to find the courage she needs to face the tiger. If the young reader in your life loves books about magic, they’ll adore this new novel by Tae Keller.

To buy:, $13

7. "Clean Getaway" by Nic Stone

Clean Getaway book
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After having his spring break trip canceled after a bout of bad behavior, 11-year-old William takes off with his grandmother on a cross-country road trip. Using the trip to teach William about her past and his late grandfather, the two find themselves learning more about each other than ever before. Throughout the trip, William also learns more about the history of the United States and what it was like to be a young black boy in the 1960s. Featuring an eccentric grandmother and her curious grandson, this book weaves together history and adventure, highlighting the importance of family and knowing where you came from.

To buy:, $13

8. "The Eye of Zeus" by Alane Adams

The Eye of Zeus book
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Twelve-year-old foster kid Phoebe Katz finds that strange occurrences seem to follow her, and when a statue of Athena comes to life and tells Phoebe she’s actually the daughter of Zeus, she begins to understand why weird things happen to her. Having been warned to stay in hiding, Phoebe has no choice but to travel back to Ancient Greece when her social worker is kidnapped by the spiteful god, Ares. With the help of her friends Angie and Damian, the three uncover a new prophecy that has the potential to solve everything. Now, Phoebe must complete a highly dangerous quest if she wants to save the world.

To buy: $12

9. "Fly Back, Agnes" by Elizabeth Atkinson

Fly Back, Agnes book
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At 12, Agnes is struggling to accept the current state of her life. Unhappy with her parents’ divorce, her changing body and her flaky best friend, she decides to create a new identity for herself while staying with her father for the summer. Pretending to be a 14-year-old dancer and actor whose parents are still together, it’s not long before her fibs begin to stack up. But when her choice to lie about her life threatens to upend her friendship with Fin, she begins to rethink her decision and instead, find the place where she truly fits in. Coming to terms with her real life, she begins to see the good despite the tragedy.

To buy:, $14

10. "Dark Hedges, Wizard Island, and Other Magical Places That Really Exist" by L. Rader Crandall

Dark Hedges, Wizard Island book
Credit: Courtesy of Hachette Book Group

Young readers will love this nonfiction book that takes them on a journey around the world to places that are very real, despite sounding like they're straight out of a fairytale. From the Skeleton Coast in Namibia to Wizard Island in the U.S., this book will make readers feel as though they've traveled across the globe as they learn about the history and mythology behind both natural and man-made wonders, all while adding some new destinations to the family travel bucket list.

To buy:, $14

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