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YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

If you’ve been on the hunt for the best travel shoe bags to make packing footwear easier (and more hygienic), then rest assured, because we just found them.

While “best” may be an ambitious claim, these bags aren’t an Amazon bestseller for nothing. Nor do they have more than 1,000 four- and five-star reviews just for kicks. People from all around the world are going nuts for them, and rightfully so.

The Yamiu Travel Shoe Bags are made of waterproof nylon fabric and feature a sturdy zipper that multiple reviewers have found significant enough to praise — never underestimate the importance of a good zipper. They're also spacious, able to fit men’s shoes up to a size 14.

But don’t just take our word for it. Let us direct you to Amazon's review section where you’ll find more than 1,000 hyper-enthusiastic reviews, raving about the wonders of these shoe bags.

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Amazon user DeniceAZ put the bags to the test, writing, “I laid a bag in the sink and sprayed it with water. Inside is dry!” While Laurie found the bags’ design to be super useful, sharing, “They have a sturdy fabric loop that fits over a door handle, so you can load and unload your shoes without bending over — a big plus for tired athletes or anyone with back problems.”

And if you’re still unconvinced that these shoe bags are the best on the market, then Paula’s here to share her experience: “The shoe bags for my husband and myself just took us through five African countries where I trekked for gorillas, chimps, golden monkeys, and other safari journeys. All the trekking meant using my ankle-high hiking boots, which went through mud, dirt, jungle, and forest. Here comes the great part regarding the shoe bags. Even though the shoes were cleaned after every trek there was still some particles of dirt on the shoes and sometimes they were still wet but I could put my boots in the bag (which fit my boots comfortably) and know my suitcase would remain debris-free. The shoes had many pack and unpacking and the zippers never failed to work. Upon arriving at home I washed the bags in the washing machine, hung to dry and they look good as new and ready for their next adventure!”

Yamiu Travel Shoe Bags

YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

You can get yourself a set of four for $12 on amazon.com.