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These Are the 9 Best Snowshoes, According to Outdoor Enthusiasts

These popular options will help you trek through fresh powder with ease.
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While a great pair of winter hiking boots will keep your feet warm and dry as you hike in many places, if you live in an area where blizzard-like conditions are the norm, your boots are going to need some extra help. That's why snowshoes are a cold-weather essential if you plan on hitting the snowy trails this season. 

These handy accessories help distribute your weight over a wider area, which allows you to walk over snow instead of sinking into it. While all snowshoes will help you walk across snow easily, when it comes to choosing the right pair for you, there are a few things to consider. If you plan on trekking up and downhill, you should opt for a pair with ample traction and heel-lift bars that help with steep terrains.

Runners should look for ultra-lightweight options that will help them move through the snow quickly and smoothly. And if you're a beginner, you should look for a set that comes with everything you need for a day of snowshoeing and is also easy to adjust, put on, and take off. 

To help you find the best pair for your needs, we turned to real reviews from outdoor enthusiasts to see which snowshoes they love the most. From a durable option that's great for backcountry trails to a cute pair of snowshoes for kids, keep reading to shop the snowshoes that shoppers say are the best of the best. 

These are the best snowshoes: 

Snow Shoes Update
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Best Overall: Alps Lightweight Snowshoes

These Alps snowshoes are an Amazon best-seller for a reason. The lightweight aluminum snowshoes feature adjustable bindings, and durable aluminum alloy grip teeth that provide excellent traction. Shoppers love that the snowshoes come with trekking poles and a carrying case, so it's super easy to transport the set. "I love these snowshoes," wrote one reviewer. "I have to say that they are much different, in a good way, than the ones I had while stationed in Alaska. Those were more like tennis rackets. These are easy to clip on, and no matter how cold it is, or how much snow [there is], the clasp easily opens."

To buy:, from $86

Snow Shoes Update
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Best Kit: Odoland 4-in-1 Lightweight Snowshoe Set

This popular Odoland set comes with a pair of snowshoes, two trekking poles, waterproof snow leg gaiters, and a carrying bag to store them in. The poles can extend from 25.5 to 55 inches, while the snowshoes are fully adjustable and come in three different sizes. Since the snowshoe set is both lightweight and durable, it's a good option to travel with, and many shoppers say it makes an excellent gift. "I've never tried snowshoeing before. My wife talked me into ordering a set for each of us," said one customer. "Just tried them out and it was so much fun! These were so lightweight and the poles were great to help guide me along. Everything included in this kit was perfect for a day in the forest. I'm excited to use these many more times this winter to escape quarantine and lockdowns."

To buy:, from $100

all terrain snowshoes
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Best Lightweight Option: Nacatin All Terrain Lightweight Snowshoes

Looking for a high-quality, lightweight pair of snowshoes? Check out this option by Nacatin. Weighing only 3.4 pounds a pair, these snowshoes won't slow you down. They are fully adjustable to fit any type of winter boots and feature aluminum alloy claws to help you move through super deep blankets of snow. "I did a five-mile hike today with these snowshoes and they were great," said one reviewer. "Easy to put on and they stayed on, didn't loosen up. They are pretty light. I have never used any other modern snowshoe so I can't compare, but for me they were all I needed and they did what they were supposed to do. I am going to buy another pair for my wife."

To buy:, $90 (originally $136)

Snow Shoes Update
Credit: Courtesy of LL Bean

Best for Traction: L.L.Bean MSR Evo Snowshoes

These L.L.Bean snowshoes are popular because customers say they provide excellent traction in both heavy snow and icy conditions. The braking bar helps you climb steep inclines, while the lateral blades and steel toe crampons work together to keep you from slipping. What's more, the snowshoes' bindings fold flat, making them super easy to pack. "These are excellent," wrote one customer. "Took them up to the ridge line between the Kinsmans and Cannon Mountain in The Whites, in three feet of snow (at least), and had no problem staying float (I'm 150 lbs.). Great for steep ascents and hardy on icy snow. Excellent snowshoes to break trail with, as well."

To buy:, $140

Yukon Charlies Sherpa Snowshoe
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Best Affordable Option: Yukon Charlies Sherpa Snowshoes

These Yukon snowshoes prove you don't need to spend a ton of money on a high-quality pair. In addition to their affordable price point, Amazon shoppers love how durable and easy the snowshoes are to slip on and off. They are strong enough to hold users up to 300 pounds and feature a non-slip heel plate to keep your foot in place. One happy shopper called them "great snowshoes" while another wrote, "I've only put a few miles on them, but so far they are great. I was worried about the plastic bindings in cold weather. I've had them in sub zero weather and are holding up just fine. Easy on and off.

To buy:, from $89

backcountry snowshoes
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Best Splurge: Tubbs Mountaineer Backcountry Snowshoes

This top-of-the-line pair of snowshoes from Tubbs has a shock-absorbing lateral flex for added comfort and durable toe and heel crampons that provide excellent traction, allowing you to get through very deep snow with ease. The bindings are easy to adjust and control, and the heel lift makes the snowshoes a great option to tackle rugged backcountry terrains. "Great snowshoes, I'd however suggest buying one size larger than recommended if you're in deep fluffy snow. Great traction on steep inclines, the spikes really grab well. Love the bindings!" said one shopper

To buy:, $270

Yukon's Run Ultralight Snowshoe
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Best for Running: Yukon Run Ultra-Lite Snowshoes

These ultra-lightweight snowshoes are perfect for runners. Along with a sturdy aluminum frame that keeps you balanced, the forged front crampons and adjustable bindings keep your feet secure and steady as you jog through both snow and ice. One customer called them a "great running snowshoe," while another said, "The Yukon Run snowshoes are very light and easy to put on and take off. When walking or jogging the snowshoes almost felt like just walking in boots."

To buy:, $110

Snowshoes Snow Shoes for Men and Women
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Best for Beginners: G2 Gotogether Snowshoe Set

If you're new to snowshoeing, Amazon shoppers recommend checking out this set, which is great for beginners. Each kit comes with a pair of lightweight aluminum snowshoes, two adjustable poles, and a carrying case for added convenience. Reviewers say the shoes are super easy to slip on and off, and they love how light they feel on their feet. One shopper said they were "great for beginners," while another wrote, "First time snowshoeing...they're light, easy to put on and remove, and repack into bag[s] easily. Definitely worth paying the extra buck for the bang!"

To buy:, $124

airhead monsta trax kids
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Best for Kids: Airhead Monsta Trax Kids Snowshoes

Little ones will love these adorable snowshoes. Not only will they help kids walk across deep powder, but they also leave behind cute monster-like footprints. The adjustable bindings can be altered to fit all children's shoe sizes, and the shoes themselves can work with boys and girls weighing up to 80 pounds. They also feature a good amount of traction and a raised toe, so kids won't get stuck as they trek through the snow. "They were a big hit with the kids," wrote one parent. "Oh, did my little 2.5-year old nephew have fun," said another reviewer. "Face-planted a bunch but had tons of fun and years of fun to come in them."

To buy:, $23

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