Manual Snow Shovel
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7 Top-rated Snow Shovels to Shop Before the Next Winter Storm

Thousands of shoppers use these to dig out their driveways.
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Whether you live in an area that deals with heavy snowfall for months or a place that only gets one or two snowstorms a year, a high-quality snow shovel is a must-have. Since all shovels will help you dig out your driveway, you probably haven't put a ton of thought into choosing one — but the right option can make all the difference. 

Some are ergonomically designed to minimize back, shoulder, and neck pain, while others feature an oversized blade that can remove double the amount of snow as an average-sized shovel. Others are designed to collapse, so you can store it in your car to help you shovel it out if you get stuck in an unexpected snow squall while out and about.

To help you find the best shovel for your needs, we turned to reviews from real customers to see which ones live up to the hype. Because who better to recommend these snow removal tools than the people who have used them? 

From strain-reducing shovels to top-rated pushers and wheeled options, these are the seven snow shovels that shoppers love the most. Keep reading to learn more about them, and shop before the next winter storm strikes. 

These are the best snow shovels to shop:

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Manual Snow Shovel
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Overall: Ergieshovel Push/Scoop Combo Snow Shovel

This lightweight Ergieshovel model has racked up over 2,300 five-star ratings on Amazon. It has two handles that help reduce back strain as you shovel. It can be used to both scoop and push, and the 18-inch blade can cut through even tightly packed snow. Shoppers love how affordable it is and how easy it was to assemble. "My back hurt for weeks this year after shoveling a big snowfall with [another shovel] so I bought this," said one Amazon customer. "The 90-degree short handle means that you straighten up to pick up the snow to throw it rather than bending over. My back hardly hurt at all after using this."

To buy: or, $25 (originally $30)

Manual Snow Shovel
Credit: Courtesy of Home Depot

Best Ergonomically Designed: Snow Joe Shovelution Strain Reducing Snow Shovel

According to the brand, Snow Joe, this two-handled shovel can reduce back strain by up to 30 percent compared to using an average snow shovel. The ergonomic tool's spring-assisted second handle helps you gain leverage while shoveling and prevents you from bending over as much, and its spacious 18-inch polycarbonate blade can scoop large amounts of snow at once. Snow Joe even claims you can even use the shovel in the garden come springtime. "I just got this shovel and then I got about 8 inches of snow. What a great test," said one reviewer. "This is not the first 'back saver' snow shovel I have used, but it is the first one which really worked. Easy to put together and requires no tools. It works great. You do not need to bend and your arms pick up the snow, a real 'back saver.'" 

Naturally, a shovel this good is bound to be in high demand during the winter. If the polycarbonate model is out of stock, Amazon reviewers assure that you'll be in good hands with these equally comfortable and durable Snow Joe Shovelution shovels, which can also be purchased at and

To buy: or, from $36

best snow shovels
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Best Wheeled Option: CASL Rolling Snow Pusher

This 26-inch wheeled snow shovel by CASL will help you remove snow with ease. The two durable, tractioned wheels allow you to efficiently maneuver the shovel, while the padded aluminum handle makes it easy to control. You can even adjust the handle to different angles, so you can easily find a comfortable position on different terrains. "It was easy to assemble and was very useful to me in the past snowfall," shared one Home Depot shopper. Another added that it's "easy to use [and] good for your back." As its name suggests, this model should be used for pushing snow rather than lifting, which was reiterated by reviewers. 

To buy:,, or, $75

Manual Snow Shovel
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Best Pusher: The SnowPlow The Original Snow Pusher

Need to shovel out large driveways or sidewalks? Hundreds of Amazon shoppers recommend checking out this extra-wide pusher shovel from The SnowPlow. The shovel's 36-inch-wide blade covers more surface area than your average snow shovel, plus its edges are sharp enough to chip away ice and hard-packed snow. One shopper said it was the "best purchase I've ever made to move snow," before adding, "For lighter snow up to 3 or 4 inches, this thing cleared the path in record time. For context, I'm currently responsible for clearing concrete driveways and sidewalks; no asphalt or rough surfaces which might work differently with this snow pusher. This thing glides over the concrete and really does throw the snow in front of it a few inches, allowing me to move quickly in 3-foot swathes."

To buy:,, or, from $63 (originally $140) 

Snow Shovel
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Best Metal Option: True Temper Steel Snow Shovel

If you prefer a classic metal snow shovel, consider this simple option from True Temper. Along with a durable hardwood pole, it features a comfortable D-shape handle and an 18-gauge steel blade that helps quickly remove snow. It may only weigh 4 pounds, but shoppers say the heavy-duty shovel is exactly what they needed to get through big snowstorms. One Amazon shopper called it a "real old school shovel" before adding, "[This one has a] nice metal blade, [and it's] very sturdy… I love the thing!"

To buy: or, from $43

Snow Shovel
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

Best Sleigh Option: Suncast Big Scoop Snow Shovel

This innovative snow shovel is shaped like an oversized sleigh to help you clear large areas quickly. The spacious blade has been treated with a rust-resistant finish, while its sharp nonstick edges cut through snow and ice alike. The handle is fully collapsible, making it super easy to store. Walmart shoppers love how lightweight the sled-like shovel is, and many say it's much easier to use than standard-sized shovels. 

To buy: or, from $45

best snow shovels
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best for Car: Lifeline Collapsible Utility Shovel

Thousands of Amazon shoppers keep this popular shovel by Lifeline in their cars to prevent them from getting stranded after snowstorms. Made from a durable aluminum material, the lightweight shovel is the perfect size for clearing snow from around your car, and it disassembles into three compact parts for easy storage. There are even six cute colors to choose from. "This is a great tool to have before you need it. It's a strong adjustable little shovel and that has taken on lake-effect winters with no problem," wrote one Amazon customer. "My car isn't the strongest so if it ever got stuck I'd whip out this shovel and dig it out. The metal blade is great and useful for dealing with ice! Not effective for clearing driveways at all but great to keep in the car just in case."

To buy:,, or, from $30

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