You'll never get stuck with a dead device again.

By Kim Duong
May 23, 2018
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PowerCube Electric Outlet Wall Adapter Power Strip
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

We get it, you absolutely must travel with your phone, laptop, tablet, Kindle, etc. We live in a tech-driven world, after all.

The only problem with packing all those electronics, however, is also having to pack their chargers — plus, who even knows if the place you’ll be staying at will have enough outlets? Sometimes we're lucky if we find even one open outlet. So what’s a traveler to do? Pack a power strip? Well, maybe this one.

Let us introduce to you the PowerCube, a compact, multi-socket wall adapter power strip that’ll charge all your devices — plus, it even features USB ports and surge protection. Basically, this is the only charging accessory you’ll need to pack. The PowerCube also comes with an extension cord so that you can be away from the outlet but still close to all your devices, making it even more of a must-have. Amazon users will agree. Just read a couple of their reviews:

Amazon user Starchar rated it five stars, writing, “Great invention! We just used this on a trip, and it made recharging phones, tablets, etc., very easy. Finding even one empty, accessible A/C plug in a hotel room is often a challenge but this gizmo solved our problem. It has a 5ft extension cord power strip with 4 outlets and two USB Ports. We had plenty of plugs for everything. The benefit of the extension cord (rather than the one that plugs directly into A/C outlet) is that you only have to crawl on your knees once to plug in the PowerCube. After that, place it on a desk or night stand, and everything is at your fingertips.”

Doc Hamm loves the convenience, writing, “I got so tired of digging around under my desk or stretching cords to reach the nearest outlet. I searched and found several different power strips but most [are] the usual old, long, bulky design. I wanted one close at hand on my desk to charge multiple devices via power or USB and have an outlet or two for testing other [electronic] devices. This cube rocks! Takes up very little room, recharges multiple devices at one time easily, and looks great.”

PowerCube Electric Outlet Wall Adapter Power Strip
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

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