These Genius Accessories Will Make Your Face Mask More Comfortable

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Woman wearing face mask with chain attachment
Photo: Courtesy of Baublebar

While we've been wearing face coverings regularly for months now, we're still always on the hunt for ways to make our masks more comfortable, especially if we're going to be wearing them for extended periods of time. Luckily, there are now some products specifically designed to make masks easier and more comfortable to wear, and they've been wear-tested by everyone from healthcare workers to teachers to avid runners.

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From chains and lanyards that keep your mask close by, ensuring that you'll never lose it, to adjustable straps that help avoid ear pain, we've rounded up eight products that we recommend adding to your daily mask rotation.

Baublebar Convertible Mask Chain

floral face mask with gold chain
Courtesy of Baublebar

Shoppers know and love Baublebar for its stylish and affordable jewelry, so it's no surprise the brand has also found a way to make wearing a mask more appealing. This chain attaches to the ear loops of your mask, allowing you to wear it around your neck when it's not in use, ensuring you'll never misplace your mask again.

To buy:, $18

Glaring Adjustable Face Mask Lanyards

Grey fabric face mask lanyards
Courtesy of Amazon

For a simple, functional look, opt for these face mask lanyards. Just attach them to the ear loops of your mask, adjust the length to your liking, and keep your mask around your neck, at the ready at all times.

To buy:, $12 for pack of 10

Face Mask Ear Savers

Face mask headband ear saver
Courtesy of Etsy

If your face mask's ear loops cause you discomfort and pain, there are a few solutions to choose from. One is this small hair accessory that you can wear on the back of your head, above a ponytail, that has buttons to which you can attach your mask. This way, the loops won't put as much pressure on your ears, making for more comfortable wear.

To buy:, $5

Face Mask Headband with Buttons

Head bands with face mask loops
Courtesy of Etsy

Another way to avoid ear discomfort is to use a headband with buttons for attaching ear loops. Healthcare workers and people who exercise outdoors have complimented how comfortable and easy to use these headbands are.

To buy:, $12

Oceantree 3D Mask Brackets

Face mask brackets in white
Courtesy of Amazon

These face mask brackets make wearing a mask for extended periods of time much more comfortable. The bracket sits on your face, underneath your mask, and will help keep the mask in place without frequent adjustments. One teacher from Georgia specifically recommends this accessory for educators because it helps you speak clearly while still wearing the mask snugly secured to your face.

To buy:, $13 for pack of five

Shed Protector Nose Bridge Strips

Silver face mask nose strips
Courtesy of Amazon

While some masks already have built-in nose bridge strips, if you'd like to add more adjustability to an existing mask, go for one of these simple aluminum strips. Shoppers say these are great for adding to homemade masks to make them fit their faces more comfortably.

To buy:, $6 for pack of 100

Evglow Anti-tightening Strap for Face Masks

Face mask extender
Courtesy of Amazon

This strap will help your mask fit more securely while avoiding ear irritation, since it sits behind your head and attaches to your mask's ear loops. The multiple tabs also allow for a comfortable, custom fit.

To buy:, $7 for pack of four

Optix 55 Anti-fog Spray

Glasses face mask defogging spray
Courtesy of Amazon

If you wear glasses, you've probably been struggling with masks and lens fog for months now. Healthcare workers and other glasses-wearers have emphasized just how helpful this spray is for helping to keep lenses clear while wearing a face covering.

To buy:, $11

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