By Cristina Alonso
January 14, 2015
Best Design Shops in Mexico City
Credit: Alamy

Just a few years ago, the offerings of unique pieces of clothing, furniture, or accessories in Mexico City were limited, and experienced shoppers mostly had to either scout flea markets for hours in hopes of finding something one-of-a-kind, or spend half their salaries on expensive imports. But not anymore. In recent years, a new generation of creative folk has been opening up exciting shops that offer that vintage dress that you can’t believe ever existed, or that rare poster you’ve always dreamed of for your living room. Most of these stores—as well as a few others not mentioned in the list—are concentrated in the sister neighborhoods of Colonia Roma and Condesa, so you have a good chance of scoring some awesome pieces by dedicating an afternoon to walking around those areas, but you’ll also find a good selection if you browse in Polanco, Colonia Juárez and Lomas. Below, a few of the best design shops in Mexico City.


This trendsetting shop in Colonia Roma carries all sorts of unique items—think sunglasses, phone cases, belts, shoes and wallets—but their claim to fame is their awesome selection of original T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. Brands like RVCA and Ben Sherman, which aren’t so easy to find in Mexico, are available here.

180 Shop

At this street wear-oriented store in Colonia Roma, most of the funky dresses, handbags, sweaters and shoes are limited edition pieces, and you’ll also find rare magazines and even bicycles. Support the store’s goal of promoting local designers by purchasing items from Cynthia Buttenklepper, Leyenda Urbana, and Té de Hoja.

Common People

Housed inside a stunning house from the 1940s across the street from Polanco’s Parque Lincoln, this concept store features a lineup of young, creative designers, from well-established brands like Vivienne Westwood, Commes des Garçons, and Jack Rabbit to up-and-coming, local names such as Alexia Ulibarri and Mancandy.

Goodbye Folk

This design shop-meets-barbershop offers one-of-a-kind items for men and women (plus creative haircuts). Expect everything from vintage shoes and old-school concert T-shirts to rusty leather jackets, and if they don’t fit perfectly, fear not –you can have them resized at the store.

Museo Mexicano Del Diseño Café and Shop

Forget about keychains and coffee mugs –this shop belongs to the Mexican Design Museum and offers a wide variety of fascinating pieces, including lamps, jewelry, shirts, toys, posters and books... and well, yes, keychains, but they’re far from average. Plus, most of the items in the store have been designed in Mexico.