A handy guide for the best times to buy gifts online.
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Not sure when to begin shopping for the holidays? A new predictive analysis of big data from software company Adobe can now help you develop a strategy to land the best deals.

If you’re shopping for toys, wait until Cyber Monday and you’re likely to save 13 percent. Black Friday, otherwise known as the day after Thanksgiving, is the best day to buy Christmas décor.

Unsurprisingly, the best shopping period of the season will be Thanksgiving weekend, when online retailers discount electronics by an average of 20 percent, sporting goods by 14 percent, and jewelry by 10 percent.

Bear in mind that the report refers to online shopping and not in-store sales, which is not reflected in Adobe’s predictions. The data it collects measures 80 percent of all retail transactions online.

When Consumers Will Start Shopping for the Holidays
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A recent study by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that prices were identical online and offline roughly 70 percent of the time. But as Adobe’s chief data analyst Luiz Maykot pointed out to Travel + Leisure, “Even when they were different, the difference was only 5 percent on average, with online goods being cheaper. This means that online prices are a very good representation of the offline market as well.”

The annual holiday report is an analysis of shopping trends culled from data that was collected in the past year from thousands of online retailers. This year’s report was compiled using information tracked from more than 1 trillion retail site visits, 55 million purchases, and 4,500 retail websites.

According to Maykot, “In my opinion we have the very best data set in the world to measure e-commerce.” He also urged buyers to remember to shop around for deals. “Consumers who comparison shop can save 20 percent during the holiday season,” he told T+L.

Our handy shopping calendar is below. Percentages listed are averages across the online retail industry (meaning it’s possible to see even greater savings on many items). You can also read the Adobe Holiday Report, which includes predictions for The Top 10 Most Popular Holiday Gifts This Season.

Tuesday, November 22

Pre-Thanksgiving sales make the Tuesday before the holiday the best time to shop for clothing, shoes, and apparel, with an average of 20 percent savings across the industry.

Thanksgiving Weekend, November 24-27

Deals abound for home appliances, computers, jewelry, sporting goods, tablets, and televisions.

Adobe's Predictions for the Best Times to Shop Online
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Black Friday, November 25

Christmas décor, reduced by an average of 25 percent.

Cyber Monday, November 28

Toys marked down by an average of 13 percent.

Giving Tuesday, November 29

Save an average of 10 percent on furniture and bedding.