The Best Breathable Face Masks for Working Out

These comfy, moisture-wicking masks from Under Armour, Champion, and more are key to safely working out.

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In 2020, face masks have become the new wallets or cell phones: they're the things we now make sure not to leave home without, and we keep them on us at all times. They're required everywhere from grocery stores to doctors' offices, and even to gyms. If you've returned to the gym, or to public exercise of any kind, you know face masks aren't exactly the most comfortable activewear. Why not try one of these options made to withstand a little sweat?

Best masks for exercising from Under Armour, Champion, and Amazon
Courtesy of Under Armour, Champion, and Amazon

A fitness face mask needs to have two things to be functional: breathable material and an extra secure fit so it stays in place while you move. Below, we've rounded up the best face masks for all your exercise needs. They're stylish and comfortable, but most importantly, they allow you to work out safely.

Mildsix Dust Mask with Activated Carbon Filters

Mildsix carbon filter workout mask
Courtesy of Amazon

When it comes to working out in a mask with airflow, it doesn't get much better than this mask from Mildsix. Designed with two filters and a replaceable inner lining, this heavy duty mask is perfect for exercising, woodworking, mowing, or combatting air pollution of any kind.

To buy:, $17

Champion Cotton Wicking Face Mask

Champion cotton wicking workout face mask
Courtesy of Champion

This simple mask is lightweight and comfy. It doesn't look or feel much different than your everyday masks, but rest assured, this mask is made for physical activity. Constructed with double-layer fabric and X-temp technology that keeps your skin cool and dry, you'll wish you would have known about it sooner.

To buy:, $5

Under Armour Sportsmask

Under Armour sportsmask
Courtesy of Under Armour

Under Armour is known for their quality athletic wear, and their take on face masks is no different. The UA Sportsmask sits up off the face and lips to increase airflow and comfort, yet fits in a snug way that prevents it from slipping down your face when you're running, cycling, etc.

To buy:, $30

Eqoba 2-layer Mask 3-pack

Eqoba 2-layer face mask 3-pack
Courtesy of Amazon

These two-layer masks come in packs of three — and they're experts at wicking moisture away. They also feature comfy, adjustable straps to create the perfect fit for you during physical activity. The best part? They come in 10 different colors and prints.

To buy:, $19

Faybox Bandana Face Mask 6-pack

Faybox bandana face mask
Courtesy of Amazon

Don't let the lack of ear straps on this mask fool you — it's actually a great option to have on hand when you're on the move. The quick-drying Faybox Bandana Mask is breezy and comfortable to wear, but it's also tight enough that it won't budge. You can wear it is as a sweatband, too, on days you choose to workout at home.

To buy:, $14

Carbon38 Mask Kit

Leopard Carbon38 Masks
Courtesy of Carbon38

Carbon38's mask kit may be one of the pricier options on our list, but that's only because it comes with two masks that feature a multi-layered filtration system, fast-drying antibacterial fabric, and adjustable straps and nosepieces. Not to mention, Carbon38 is donating 15% of mask kit profits to Girls Inc., which inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.

To buy:, $29

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