This Best-selling Adjustable Travel Pillow Makes Sleeping Anywhere Easy — and It's 50% Off for Amazon Prime Day

More than 13,000 shoppers are obsessed with it.

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BCOZZY Neck Pillow
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

We all know the feeling: you begin to nod off during a flight, train ride, or long car ride, only to wake up over and over again because of the discomfort. And if you do happen to fall into a deep sleep, you're sure to emerge from your slumber with a kink in your neck painful enough to prevent your normal range of motion for days. The obvious solution is a neck pillow for travel, but it can be difficult to find one that's actually comfortable and easy to travel with.

At least, that's how we felt until the Bcozzy Neck Pillow entered our orbit. The pillow is unlike most others on the market, making it an Amazon number one best seller. And right now, it's 50 percent off for Prime Day.

BCOZZY Neck Pillow
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $30 (originally $60)

The Bcozzy isn't your average travel pillow. While most travel pillows sit around your neck in one position with an opening in the front, the adjustable Bcozzy pillow can be positioned in three different ergonomic ways to ensure your comfort no matter how you choose to sleep. Wrap the pillow so that the sides overlap in the front, giving you double support if your head tends to droop forward, or slightly move the overlap to the side if your head rests further to one side. You can also choose to unwrap the pillow altogether and fold it instead for extra side support. No matter how you use it, the microsuede and microfleece material will always remain breathable, supportive, and easy to clean and store.

And with more than 13,000 perfect ratings on Amazon, it's hard not to take notice. "I have never been able to use a neck pillow, as they were all either too flimsy or just pushed my head forward," one shopper wrote. "[But] this was awesome! The way this wrapped around [my] neck with a smaller, thinner design behind the neck and a larger, thicker area in front of my chin, it held my head upright perfectly throughout the whole trip."

"I used this for multiple five-hour flights, one being overnight, and I can say this was much better than any other pillow I've used," another shopper added. They continued, "It holds your chin up so your head doesn't fall forward. You can also fold it in half and use it on one side, which was pretty great when I had a window seat and was just relaxing watching a movie on an overnight flight from Alaska."

BCOZZY Neck Pillow
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $28 (originally $35)

The Bcozzy Neck Pillow is sure to make your next trip the comfiest one yet, but we suggest adding it to your cart ASAP — it's only 50 percent off through tonight!

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