Apple iphone x september release announcement sale australia Mazen Kourouche
Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Mazen Kourouche is a man on a mission.

Before Apple even gave its keynote announcement on Tuesday, Kourouche was camped out in front of an Apple store in Sydney, Australia to ensure his place as the first person in the world to buy the new iPhone.

The 20-year-old software development student will spend 10 days camped out in front of the store until the iPhone is released on September 22. He is accompanied by two friends who will ensure that, if he needs to step away from the line, he will not lose his place. Kourouche is prepared with food, a tent, a camping chair, and supplies for his mission.

After Apple’s announcement, Kourouche uploaded a new vlog explaining the differences between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, hinting that he will opt for the latter. He will continue to update his YouTube channel while he’s queuing for the phone. He even plans to stream an unboxing live from the Apple Store once he is able to get his hands on the new phone.

"I had someone ask me if I'd take $50,000 for this position right here" Kourouche told the Daily Mail Australia. "I actually don't know unless I'm in that situation but being first may get me 50,000 subscribers which would get me $50,000 in the long run, so I'm thinking macro rather than micro."

Last year, Kourouche was third in line for the iPhone 7. He said that in his previous camping experiences, the Apple staff was very accommodating, allowing him to use their Wi-Fi and charge his phone while he waited.

The iPhone X will start at $999 and feature a bezel-less display, Face ID scanning, and wireless charging.