By Kim Duong
July 15, 2019
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Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Amazon Prime Day isn’t over just yet: The online retail giant is still dishing out deals on thousands of its best-selling products. Just when you thought you were all shopped out, Amazon rolls out more markdowns on products we never knew we needed (like Amazon's best-selling travel neck pillow, or a pair of top-rated noise-cancelling headphones for 39% off).

File this one under Things We Never Knew We Needed: 23andMe, the premier brand of at-home DNA testing kits, is on super sale right now as part of today’s Deal of the Day. The Health + Ancestry Personal Genetic Service kit will show you reports on your family DNA (such as a breakdown of your genetic origins and the ability to connect with relatives in the 23andMe database who share DNA with you), genetic health risks and traits (such as if male balding runs in your genes), wellness (like if you’re lactose intolerant), and so much more. The kit is a certified No. 1 Amazon best-seller with over 1,000 rave reviews — so you know it’s great. And at $100 off for Prime Day? This is a must-grab deal for anyone who’s ever thought of taking a DNA test.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $99 (originally $199)

Just ask the reviewers. Amazon user Coastal Girl “solved an 83+ year old mystery of [their] grandfather’s identity. While Christina loved it for its fascinating insights, writing, “23andMe breaks down your genetic percentages from round the world. Not only that, but they can tell you if you have recessive gene traits and whether they are expressed or not. So I didn't inherit Grandma's Alzheimer's gene in any way but I did get Grandpa's macular degeneration gene that is not expressed but could pass down to children. It is so much more detailed than that and also really cool!”

But if you want the kit, you’ll have to act fast. This deal ends at 2:54 AM ET this Wednesday, July 17. Then it’s back to going full price for this 23andMe DNA test. You can head to to purchase the kit for 50% off.