The guide has carry-on sizes and suggestions for every airline.
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Carry-on Luggage
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Many travelers know that not all carry-ons are “one size fits all.” In fact, a carry-on you bring onto one flight may be too big or bulky for another airline's overhead bins.

There's a new way to check that your bag will be the perfect fit, though: Amazon now has a page dedicated to recommend the best carry-on luggage and products to meet your specific airline’s flight requirements.

By checking out the Amazon page, you can select your preferred airline and find a store of amazing, highly recommended luggage that is perfect for your flight. The page has curated products for popular airlines like Delta, American, JetBlue, United, Air France and more.

Each list contains tons of name brands like Herschel, Samsonite, Kenneth Cole and Olympia.

Plus, there’s a bag style to fit anyone’s aesthetic, whether you prefer a hard-shell roller suitcase or a soft shoulder bag.

You can shop for your perfect travel bag for your upcoming trip on Amazon.